Autumn/Winter 2016 Eyewear Trends

Fashion is a fabulous thing and it really can be all-encompassing. It doesn’t stop at your clothes, or even the matching handbag and shoes. Fashion forms your whole look, head to toe, and what makes a great fashion statement… your eyes.

As a woman I often find myself thinking that I wish people looked more at my eyes, what better way to ensure this happens than to make sure you dress your eyes in the latest fashion trend in eyewear.

Personally, I am a little more classic in my choice of sunglasses but there are definitely some eye-catching trends in eyewear this season.

Spring and Summer saw some lighter lens shades but this season will see much darker lenses, bringing an intense depth to the look. I find that the lenses are just as important to the overall look of a pair of sunglasses as the frames. I have always been more drawn to a dark lense, the darker the better, and this seasons trends are heading right up my alley.

autumn-winter-eyewear-trends-2016-2 copy

Ultra dark lenses aren’t for everyone but you can always compromise and check out the great range of ombre lenses, which start ultra dark at the top and lighten towards the bottom of the lense. I think ombre looks fabulous in hair, and I think it can work on frames but I’m not sure I’m sold on the Ombre effect lenses.

Thick frames and oversized glasses are also on trend at the moment, a combination which definitely leaves a large portion of the face protected, not always from the sun at this time of year but still the harsh damaging UV rays which I sometimes feel are magnified through the clouds.

Shape is huge in sunglasses this season; whether it be square, round or cat eye there is sure to be something to suit every face shape. Fashion often favours the svelte and those of us more shapely need to tweak the trends to find our fit but the eyewear trends of the season are certain to cater to all shapes and sizes. I remember a time when the biggest selling point for a pair of sunnies was how they sat on my head and whether they would work effectively to keep my hair off my face. I’m a little more discerning these days but I still like to know that my glasses look as good atop my head as they do sitting on my face, and some of the new season fashions would make a great accessory in either position.

The cat eye shaped glasses turn up your eyes and offer an overall happier look, and that can never be a bad thing; especially in the midst of a cold and gloomy winter.

autumn-winter-eyewear-trends-2016-3 copy

Aviator sunglasses are a shape that has found its way back to the top of the fashion ladder, they have been back in a while and it looks like they are here to stay. The style changes and evolves but the overall shape remains pretty stable.

Embellished rims on your glasses can make a major statement. Your look can be classic, stylish and understated; then add an embellished pair of glasses and you have instant fun and funk to your look that is never further away than the safety case in your bag. The embellishments can be as funky or as understated as your personality.

Marble frames are another hot item this season, they have been around on and off for a couple of years. They help break up the solid colour and help you match with a wider range of outfits due to the different shades in the rims.

Big and Bold or classic and understated; bright and vibrant or dark and brooding; there is something in the new seasons trends to excite and keep you feeling fashion forward.

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