Choose the Right Boots for Your Body Shape

DUO Boots know that one shoe does not fit all, and have created a range of boots to suit every calf size and body type.

The following how to will help you to find the right boot for winter, and don’t forget to check out their range of gorgeous shoes here:

Finding the Right Boots for You!

Whether it’s a riding style boot, heeled boot or ankle boot, investing in a beautifully crafted pair of winter boots will pay off for years to come.
Whether you’re athletic, curvy, slim, tall or petite, shopping for boots is the same as shopping for those trusty jeans or a great fitting bra -the single most important rule is finding the correct fit to flatter you the most.

Here are some tips to finding the best boots based on the five most common body types – athletic, curvy, slim, tall and petite –

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Athletic Body Shape

If you’ve been athletic or sporty in your time, you’ll have beautifully defined calves, however sometimes this isn’t so great when coming to find knee high boots. DUO Boots has 21 sizes in calf widths so there’s sure to be something for you.

  • Boots with an asymmetric cut (higher at the front than at the back) are especially flattering on muscular calves
  • Heels or concealed wedges will lift and elongate
  • Zips at the back or elasticated panels will help boots fit snuggly and flatter the legs

DUO suggests some of the following styles for the athletic figure:

Avron in black suede or black snakeskin $300
Tamora in tan or black leather $325
Laurel in black leather or black suede $255

Curvy Body Shape

Curvy girls tend to have more voluptuous legs and calves which means generally they have wider broader ankles and feet. DUO offers knee boots in up to 51 cm and ankle boots in three widths, so there’s going to be a style and size to suit your body.

  • Boots with a more cylindrical shape will cater better for curvy girls and will also allow you to tuck in jeans or trousers for a clean and presentable look
  • Straight cut boots will make the calf appear narrower and smooth out the silhouette
  • Details such as buckles will draw attention away from the width of the calf and focus on the style and presentation of the footwear. A heel will also help elongate the legs and promote great posture

DUO suggests some of the following styles for the curvy figure:

Amora in black crocodile $415
Lakota in chestnut leather $270
Aralia in black leather $250

Slim Body Shape

Boots on the high street come at approximately 38 ½ cm width which can cause a problem if you’ve got a very slim leg. DUO Boots start at a 30cm calf width so look for a boot which has a narrow diameter from the ankle up through the calf, some styles are catered to fit this shape better than others.

  • Supple leather will blend around a slim calf as opposed to firmer leather which will appear more structured
  • One of the advantages to having slim legs is beautifully slender ankles so ankle boots will look fantastic
  • A heeled boot with a tapered toe will lengthen the leg and balance proportions

DUO suggests some of the following styles for the slim figure:

Brindisi in black or brown leather $235
Flore in tan or black leather $300

Dressing Long Legs

Women with long legs may often struggle to find knee boots that come high enough up to the knee. DUO Boots offer a selection of longer boots to cater for women with long legs.

  • Structural boots in smooth glossy leather will give the legs a streamlined effect
  • For women who are tall but still like to wear a heel, DUO also offer a range of mid heels which can be dressed up for day or evening
  • Boots made from luxurious suede are a glam alternative to heels without the extra height

DUO suggests some of the following styles for the tall figure:

Lazare in black leather $355
Florence in black leather $325
Rhode in suede tan $195

5’4 or under Petite Frames

If you’re under 5’4 the good news is you can boost your height and elongate legs with a great selection of heeled boots and you won’t need to compromise on comfort.

  • Boots with detail or texture can cleverly make legs look longer
  • Ankle boots can look great on petite women with slight ankles and calves
  • Boots cut shorter on the leg avoid discomfort behind the knee
  • Avoid chunky looking boots which will un-balance proportions, instead a delicate boot will compliment a small frame better

DUO suggests some of the following styles for the petite figure:

Bay in black leather $235
Eldon in black suede $195
Idaho in Bordeaux suede $150

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5 thoughts on “Choose the Right Boots for Your Body Shape

  1. This is a great thing for different sized women. I would fall into to the curvy category, but I have fairly thin calves and ankles.

  2. Fantastic that you have different boots to suit different individuals. I remember years ago where I had to have special boots made because my calves were skinnier than most people.

  3. Amora Knee High Boots in black would go great with my burgundy vintage style dress
    They would compliment each other

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