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Luxury Australian fashion knitwear brand Cylk specialises in exciting new seamless technology to create clothing that feels as fabulous as it looks. Cylk is one of the only Australian high-end luxury eco-chic brands offering fabulous ladies fashions in seamless designs.

The Cylk philosophy centres around respecting the environment, caring for others and working towards a better future for our planet, together. The Cylk brand strives to promote fair trade and sustainability issues awareness while still offering a classic, elegant style.


It wasn’t that long ago that the images evoked when you thought of environmentally conscious clothing were of rough hewn hemp and tie dye. Those days are behind us! Cylk offers the opportunity to dress in fashion that is environmentally conscious as well as elegant!

Summer of 2006 saw the beginnings of Cylk with a small collection of 100% silk garments and now they are at the forefront of seamless knitting technology and yarn development.


Cylk expanded into a complete collection of modern basics, essentials and off-the-rack pieces after participating in Coterie and gaining some high profile accounts across the world, including in New York, Japan and Milan.

Utilising stunning seamless knitting technology makes the Cylk silhouette shapely and clean so the clothing is perfect as undergarments for layering and as classic outerwear pieces. The garments conform to the body and enhance the feminine figure.

Cylk have created timeless pieces that are super soft and luxurious to touch. These pieces are elegant and stylish to offer an eco-chic range you will be proud to wear.


The wide range of Cylk designs are perfect for every season, shape and occasion because they can be worn as undergarments to achieve the perfect layered look or they function perfectly as elegant outerwear. The wide range includes dresses, tops, skirts and leggings so there is sure to be the perfect piece for your collection.

And there are also Treggings – yes you heard me right, these aren’t leggings and they aren’t even jeggings which I had heard of, these are Treggings. Not leggings – not trousers – but the perfect combination of the best features of both.


Cylk fashions are constructed out of the finest sustainable or organic materials spun out of bamboo, silk, cashmere, linen and modal. I was reading up about the benefits of using bamboo fashion and there were some interesting facts that I had never known so I thought they were worth sharing with you:

• Bamboo fiber fabric is made from bamboo pulp fiber through a mechanical process (similar to that used to process flax or hemp), in which the stalks are crushed and natural enzymes break them down further, allowing fibers to be combed out.

• Sustainable: Bamboo takes up more greenhouse gasses and releases more oxygen than cotton and grows very quickly in favourable conditions without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or continuous replanting.

• Anti-bacterial: Bamboo contains a unique anti-bacteria and bio-agent that is retained even after multiple washes, claimed to be 3 times more effective than cotton products.

• Deodorisation: Bamboo has natural deodorising properties, 30 % more effective than cotton.

• Insulation: bamboo fabric has insulating properties and will keep the wearer cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

• Hygroscopic: Bamboo has excellent moisture wicking abilities, absorbing 60% more water than cotton and polyester.

• Highly Breathable: Bamboo fibre is filled with various micro-holes which are more effective in moisture absorption and ventilation when compared to cotton.

• Bio-degradable: As a natural cellulose fibre, bamboo fabric can be 100% biodegraded in soil by micro organisms and sunlight.

• Soft: Bamboo fibre is naturally smooth and round and is known for its softness.

• Anti-static: 12 times more effective than cotton products.

The new Autumn/Winter Collection is available now in selected high end boutiques nationwide, as well as Australia’s leading department store – David Jones.

To see more of this exciting environmentally conscious brand please head over and visit them at:

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