Dani Marie – Slow Fashion with Curves

Two sisters located more than 17,000km apart due to COVID, have launched an innovative and ethically made clothing line in Australia, specifically for the plus size market.

Sydney’s Sylvie Wilson, 32, has joined forces with UK-based sibling Danielle, 31 to create Dani Marie, a slow and spirited fashion line consisting of 33 sophisticated pieces, that focuses on comfort and form, without compromising on quality, elegance and sizzling style.

With 63 per cent of Australian women wearing size 14 and over, there is still only 20 per cent of apparel which is made and sold in these sizes in Australia.

Concerned with the tsunami of fast fashion, especially for the plus sized market, the Sylvie and Danielle founded Dani Marie, after identifying a significant gap in the market for a modern, yet classic plus sized brand and customer data from their plus sized marketplace; Insyze.

The beauty and ingenuity of the Dani Marie brand is that all the pieces are designed without zips, buttons or fastenings because women’s body shapes and weight fluctuate all the time and therefore need items that can adjust to their changing bodies. The result is fashion brand boasting a refined and tasteful suite of pieces that are perfect for any occasion and can be worn in any season.

Dani Marie’s Santorini collection is all about bold and confident pieces. The versatile long sleeve top, available in black or deep blue features exquisite detailing around the neck and flattering sleeves. A classic cream dress oozes stunning shape and form and is complete with beautiful sleeves to the elbow. This dress, like all featured at the label, can be dressed up for more formal occasions or are perfect for a more casual setting.

Another head-turning design is the blue and white paisley dress which has the versatility to be worn off the shoulder. The wrap around dress in a subtle peach hue celebrates outdoor living and is a great look for all seasons. There are a number of beautiful black dresses on offer which are the ideal fit for a more corporate look or can be slipped into for an evening adventure.

According to Sylvie Wilson, cofounder, Dani Marie, the pieces in the range are designed for plus sized bodies and are adjustable and stretchy to accommodate for natural fluctuations in a woman’s weight and comfort in her body.

“After struggling to find clothing in her size (size 18 – 20) that my sister Danielle liked, we discovered that many plus size women felt the same. There’s also a distinct lack of sustainable or ethically made options available in plus sizes,” Sylvie said.

“With a background in marketing and fashion, my sister and I decided to tackle both of these problems by launching a plus size marketplace (insyze.com) with an algorithm that makes personalised recommendations for users in their size, style and budget – and helps users discover more ethically made and sustainable plus size brands.”

“Insyze has swelled to more than 25,000 users and we quickly identified that people were searching for sustainable and ethically made clothing, as well as styles that were plain colours, feminine yet modern.

“Armed with this data, we created Dani Marie – a slow fashion plus size clothing line that serves customers in size 14 – 30 with ethically made, yet affordable clothing.” Sylvie added.

Even though they were separated by borders, time zones and the pandemic, the sisters worked together to create their clothing line and launched it in 2021.

Dani Marie originally launched in the US and after a wildly successful first collection, the sisters are now introducing the brand in Australia and New Zealand.

“Every Dani Marie item, which are made in India by a family-owned factory, is designed to be timeless and classic, so they can be worn for years to come.” Sylvie added.

“The factory also pays above market wages and provides excellent working conditions which we wanted as a priority.

“We have both worked very hard in creating a clothing line that is affordable and has longevity, in its quality and timeless elegance. Each piece we design has been workshopped so it can be carried over to a suite of seasons – a characteristic that rarely exists with fast fashion.”

And the feedback reflects the anticipated excitement for the new line. Melissa, owner of Ritz of Rosanna in Melbourne says of the Dani Marie range, “Cut comfy for curves, while still being shapely and cute.”

The Dani Marie ranges from $83 – $159 (AUD)

Visit – www.danimariethelabel.com.au and insyze.com

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