Jared Leto for Carrera (Sponsored Post)

Jared Leto is one of those men who is effortlessly cool, as musician, director and actor. He has always chosen alternative and quirky movie roles such as Angel Face, the “beautiful” blondie in Fight Club, Harry from Requiem for a Dream and more recently The Joker in Suicide Squad.

Now this Academy Award winning actor has a new collaboration with a fashionable twist. Popular Italian eyewear brand Carrera have secured Jared Leto as the face of their 2016 campaign for their new “Maverick” collection.


While Leto is the perfect fit for the contemporary, risk taking range which features lightweight styles with thin frames in modern shapes, “Maverick” is also a bigger project. The actor appears in a video where he has selected other uniquely creative people to showcase their talents. You can watch the video here:

As you can see, the inspiring individuals in the video are incredibly talented (whether it be art, music or parkour), and Jared Leto pulls off the lead role in true superstar fashion. The brand has showcased their new range in an edgy way, and it is sure to get noticed with Leto at the helm.

Take a look at a couple of the new styles from the Maverick collection, these are sunglasses he won’t want to take off:



If you would like to view, or shop for more of the new styles from Carrera, you can browse the online shopping catalogue at The Iconic.

This post has been presented by Carrera, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

48 thoughts on “Jared Leto for Carrera (Sponsored Post)

  1. Yes it was very ‘edgy’ and arty which made me keep wanting to watch. It’s edited disconnectivity was actually artfully re-connected to continue the discussion about these Maverick sunnies – mainly promoting how very cool they are.

  2. the sunglasses are both feminine, and modern, also mentally stimulating, as one has to imagine also what the guy is like behind the glasses. The video is creative, eyecatching, and memorable, // those in the video were certainly lean and mean machines featuring amazing feats , but coming back to earth safely. xmas is a good lead up for this type of advertising.

  3. These people are seriously artistically talented. This would be one of the more interesting ads I have seen for a long time. The sunglasses are very aptly named ‘Maverick’ as this is an independent minded person which is exactly what these people shown are.

  4. The epitome of cool, Leto and the talented gang are inspiring and motivating. If I can wear Maverick and look half as cool as them, I’d be happy!

  5. I like the shape and style of these sunglasses and would be interested in trying a pair on! I really like the ad showcasing different types of artists and of course I always like watching Jared Leto.

  6. What I love about this ad is that even knowing what this is advertising, it is gripping in the way it showcases the glasses. Many advertisements these days are predictable and dare I say, boring. This one however, you never really knew what was going to happen next, snippets of art, interviews and talent with the thread of the sunnies woven through it and only near the end is the focus on the sunnies. Even the way they do this is stylish, free and edgy (a testimont to the image that they are trying to portray of the wearers of these glasses.)

    This isnt an advertisement, this is ART!

  7. What talented individuals that are not necessarily doing things to fit into the mold. I really liked the guy who painted on mattresses but I don’t know how I would hang a mattress on my wall. Leto rocks the gig too.

  8. Jared Leto is a unique and perfect voice with an edge promoting uniqueness, empowering and inspiring artistic people to overcome barriers in life. This is what the brand Maverick.is all about, don`t hold back, bring out your creativeness just go ahead and walk with your head held high and set yourself free with Maverick sunglasses and see how good you feel.
    Fabulous message and product that hits home with a close person to me currently suffering severe depression, Jared`s message to me is it`s not all about him but about all of us to be ourselves and feel good within our own skin and Carrera`s Maverick eyewear are a beautiful symbol that reflects that.

  9. Its unusual to watch an add that’s gripping and just so creative!!
    If all adds were this interesting l wouldn’t need to change the chanel

  10. Love the maverick sunglasses, the ad itself was fun to watch, it was telling a story about people living on the edge or having talents & had to watch it to the end great work carrera

  11. Is it just me or have we turned back time on fashion to a style of days gone by but revamped for the incredible and arty?

  12. Wow, artistically inspired and edgy. Makes you want to take chances in life just as they portray in the video. I believe we all secretly yearn to escape from our comfort zone and maybe Mavericks may give us that confidence to do it.

  13. This ad is just so damn cool! It’s like watching a music clip or a documentary, maybe a bit of both! Loved that each pair of sunnies matched the individual’s personality and style. Great ad that has showcased the Maverick collection beautifully.

  14. I guess I am a bit of a maverick…. These people are very talented and full of energy, oh to be young again! The sunnies are awesome, designed for life!

  15. Probably showing my age here, but I can’t hear “Maverick” without thinking “Top Gun”! Mind you, that was some impressive Parkour in the clip, and that’s very current.

  16. Shows the individuality of each person with that special edge for a person wearing these very sexy sunnies which I hope could be my husband to rid him of his old fashioned glasses! Very entertaining video

  17. Jared is perfect to endorse Maverick. What wonderful modern, trendy and functional sunglasses and a great advert so different and busy.

  18. I love the production values of this clip – edgy, moody and as cool as all hell. Jared Leto is the epitome of style and the others featured are doing interesting work in their own genres. They definitely make Maverick sunglasses stand out from the pack!

  19. Mavericks are for creative, cool and fun people. They look great and suit many different faces. Nice ad and a brand to remember!

  20. Love them – they embody the spirit of the nonconformist and as such doesn’t need styling! They’re both unique and timeless, translating for any style, whether the city life or urban terrain, they help you venture out into the future in style!

  21. So inspiring to see the different things people are getting passionate about and how their creativity is being encouraged. The sunnies arent half bad either 😀

  22. Man these sunglasses are stylin’!! Very sophisticated and sexy, and they do remind me of the excessively sexy Maverick What a difference actually watching the sunglasses in use and on a real man than looking at photoshopped pics of inferior brands. Can’t get enough of these!

  23. Love Carrera these remind me of one of my brothers first pair of ‘Carrera’ sunglasses he used for sailing in the mid 90’s. I’m pretty sure he liked to channel top gun but on the water.

    Jared Leo is mega dreamy.

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