Lindsay Phillips Jordi Flip Flops

Flip flops, or thongs are us Aussies affectionately call them, are a summer essential but they can be a little daggy. Lindsay Phillips have changed that with a new collection of summer footwear now available in Australia.

You might remember me raving about this brand when I first received a pair of their ballet flats back in April, and after my review I kept on wearing them throughout the colder seasons. I am now sitting here with a pair of their Jordi Flip Flops on my DIY manicured feet and they are bright blue which will put some fun into the colour blocking trend.

jordi flip flops

The feature that makes Lindsay Phillips shoes so unique is the interchangeable embellishments, one pair of shoes can be accessorized to any outfit in seconds. You can go from a day look with a simple snap to a hot summer night of sparkles and flair.

Super comfy, the brand has a celebrity following with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brittany Snow and Danni Minogue all spotted wearing Lindsay Phillips shoes.

jordi flip flops

Flip flops are no longer just flip flops, they are so much more wearable. The Jordis come in six colours – black, white, pink, green, yellow and blue and the snaps are purchased separately so you can create a multitude of looks.

Lindsay Phillips Jordi Flip Flops have an RRP of $34.95 and the snaps are just $9.95.

You can get your pair exclusively from Terry White Chemists in Australia and just like my ballet flats these will be seen on my feet on a regular basis.

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