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Oh My Giddy Aunt is the online destination for unique keepsakes and custom jewellery, and one of our personal favourites when recommending gift ideas to our readers. With an extensive range of traditional charms made right here in Australia, with the option of either sterling silver or solid gold – this is your one stop shop for personal and sentimental jewellery and keepsakes.

For those who are looking to start a collection of beautiful charms, the Oh My Giddy Aunt charm bracelets are a lovely starting point. Charms are such a sweet way to remember events, special moments or celebrate your favourite things across your wrist.


While you are visiting Oh My Giddy Aunt and viewing their large range of charms, make sure you browse the store for other pieces such as rings, harmony balls, earrings and pendants. With fast delivery, exceptionally friendly customer service from Chief Giddy Aunt Nikki and the possibility of engraving – this is one store that is worth visiting.

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Oh My Giddy Aunt have kindly offered 16 (fitting for the new year and we all know 16 is the sweetest number) Beauty and Lace members bracelets to review valued at $51.30 each including assembly and link lock. Each leather bracelet comes with a Palas Letter pendant Charm and a and a sterling silver charm from their traditional charm range of their choice. The lucky testers have been asked to leave their feedback in the comments section below.

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18 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Oh My Giddy Aunt Charm Bracelets

  1. Just Beautiful! When I received my bracelet it was wrapped so lovely with a heart tag saying thanks with the most loveliest handwriting that I felt really special like they take that extra step in care and gratification for their products. I loved the way I can also put my charms onto my necklace chain as well so I have 2 ways to wear it. Their website has every idea for every occasion as well as person so it seems to me. I especially loved the guitar pick idea and the little wooden guitar as well, they were a favourite as such a unique idea. I will definately keep My Giddy Aunt in mind for any gifts or for myself next time as I found the whole experience from delivery to product and service to be of a high standard. Nice to have a website where they go above and beyond your expectations as I know I felt extra cared for 🙂 Thankyou so much My Giddy Aunt you made my day!

  2. I can certainly vouch for Giddy Aunt as I have bought two bracelts from there in the past and very happy with the service. Everything that was sent, you could see was sent with love right down to the packaging.

    I will always be looking there first when I am after some special item as a present. Thanks to B&L for introducing me to the site a few years ago now. 🙂

  3. this bracelet from Giddy Aunt is just gorgeous, when it arrived it was like opening a gift you could just tell it was packed with passion and love . I put it on straight away and as l have a very small wrist it adjusted so easily . It was very light to wear and l have shown it to everyone , now l have to buy my granddaughter one for her birthday as she loved it too. l had another look at the website and after spending quite a bit of time on the website there was just so much to choose from and the prices are very reasonable to . l will be recommending this site to friends as these pieces are just so unique . I would like to thanks Beauty & Lace for introducing me to Giddy Aunt and many thanks to Giddy Aunt for allowing us lucky ladies to trial your beautiful pieces 🙂

  4. ohh and I forgot to Mention l absolutely love the childrens jewellery, when my granddaughter was born in August there really wasn’t much around in 9ct gold mostly rolled gold and if l had only known about Giddy Aunt it would have saved me so much time and effort and the prices are very good to for 9ct gold

  5. Thank you so much to Beauty and Lace and Oh My Giddy Aunt for the opportunity to review the bracelet. As others have commented the bracelet arrived beautifully wrapped with a huge heart card on the front (the 9 of diamonds) and a personalized message. It felt special before I even opened the package. I have to say it took me forever to choose which charm I would like on my bracelet as they were all so beautiful, in the end I chose the penny farthing bicycle and it is just gorgeous as is my exquisite letter charm.

    The Oh My Giddy Aunt website is full of beautiful things with keepsakes for just because, or to celebrate a special occasion. Babies, women and men are all catered for with many unique and special items. I absolutely loved the harmony ball earings, the personalised motorcycle in aluminium and wood (girls like bikes too!) and the Funki Funki Fairy Mushrooms.

    In the words of Molly Meldrum “Do yourself a favour” and take a look at You won’t be disappointed.

  6. We live in a world where jewellery has become so mass-produced and throwaway that your own carefully-assembled charm bracelet looks just like everybody else’s. But thankfully businesses like Oh My Giddy Aunt exist and buck this trend. This is an Australian enterprise that has been selling jewellery online since 2003 and boasts an extensive and affordable range of custom-made jewellery.

    Oh My Giddy Aunt’s pieces are more about celebrating pretty little keepsakes and creating personalised jewellery that you can get sentimental about. These pieces can help mark an occasion or an event in your life because the charms that are available range from a baby’s first hand and footprint to travel charms and 21st birthday keys. There are also star signs and letters as well as angels and fairies to help keep a watchful eye over the wearer.

    The leather bracelets are simple and understated and can be paired up with multiple charms. They are easy to wear and adjust and the website is just as simple to navigate. Users can plainly see the different options available (some charms for example are offered in sterling silver or a type of gold (like yellow, rose or white)). They are also well-packed in bubble-wrap and come in a neat little purple pouch.

    It’s a sweet delight to open up and wear Oh My Giddy Aunt’s creations and the small charms mean they don’t have to get in the way of your everyday life. Unwrapping a gift from Oh My Giddy Aunt is like discovering a lost treasure in your relative’s wardrobe, it’s personal and sentimental for all of the right reasons.

  7. Hi all – I received a giddy aunt bracelet to review – Here are my thoughts :)

    Packaging was simple and pretty with a personalised card that made me feel special – more like a gift being given than a purchase.

    I chose the Four Leaf Clover and Wishbone Charm to go along with my initial, because lets face it – everyone needs a little luck in their lives. The quality of the charm is really exceptional and the joining of the two charms is seemless. No partly opened loops which can be found in inferior products. The leather strap is a departure from my normal style, but I admit I like it. The ease in which it adjusts is fantastic. I have a super small wrist and struggle with finding a small enough bracelet for me – so this is divine.

    The website is easy to navigate and full of beautiful things. The only problem you will have is choosing the right piece for you! SOOOOOO much choice – absolutely brilliant.

    Overall I am really enjoying my bracelet… As I said – a departure from my normal style but one I really love. Thanks again.x

  8. What a wonderful surprise to open the parcel to find the cutest package beautifully wrapped with a personalised note on the front, such a nice personal touch, just a taste of what was to come. The bracelet was very easy to wear and sturdy, I don’t usually wear leather bracelets but it is easy to use and fully adjustable which I like. I chose the runner charm to remind me of my running goals. The charms are good quality and well made, very nice! I have checked the website and noticed a number of other charms that will be a good a compliment to my runners charm. Overall a very good product that is easy to wear ….. And I like it well it ‘tinkles’ as I walk along. Will be recommending to my friends and family for the place to buy charms. Thank you for the opportunity

  9. A nice modern styled bracelet that would appeal to the tweens, teens and beachy folk. The adjustable black leather strap makes it perfect for any wrist size. The bronzed coloured letter disc is lovely, the silver charms adding a nice contrast of colours. Perhaps an option could be to have the letter disc available in silver or bronze, depending on taste. Although perhaps a little big and cumbersome for the thin leather strap used it may be a consideration to reduce the disc size as it tends to be heavy and instantly falls to the underside of your wrist, getting it caught on things. Perhaps using a thicker leather or making it two stranded as with your ‘Pearl & Disc Leather and Stainless Steel Bracelet’ could combat the look of the leather strand being a little delicate in appearance.

    Not wishing to be unkind but I wonder if this bracelet matches the quality of pieces available on the Oh My Giddy Aunt site. It would be on the cheaper end of available products, and at its current design I wouldn’t be prepared to pay more than $20 for it.

    Looking on the Oh My Giddy Aunt site I am taken by the quality pieces available. I particularly love the Braid – Sterling Silver and Suede Bracelet and I think something along these lines without the main silver rectangular plaque would make this current reviewed bracelet, look amazing. To cut down on costs you could perhaps incorporate a chain that wasn’t stainless steel or attach the thin leather strap off the end of the suede length to still allow for the adjustment to any sized wrist.

  10. I was really excited to be included in this trial, as I’d often been tempted by the idea of a charm bracelet, and then put off by the idea of it catching on everything. So this really was a case of being able to try out something I was actively interested in.

    The bracelet itself is very wearable – a black thong style loop around your wrist, with the charms attached. Both charms were light and easy to wear – they didn’t weigh me down, get in the way or catch on anything. I received an initial charm, which was simple and elegant and really quite lovely. We were invited to choose a second charm from the lower end of the price spectrum. I chose “the man in the moon”, and was a little bit worried that it might be a bit lumpy and unformed. I think the photos on the website really didn’t do it justice. The workmanship was very fine and it was quite lovely. The detail wasn’t well captured on the website.

    The only problem I had was that I found it a little difficult to adjust the thong to a size that meant I could slip it over my hand and keep it there comfortably without it sliding off; I found it awkward to try to re-tie it one handed. That might not be a problem for everyone – I have notoriously small wrists, and some fine motor skills problems that make me clumsy at times. The obvious answer is to ask a partner or friend to help, if you can.

    Overall, though, I thought this was a stylish bracelet suitable for everyday wear. It’s easy to wear, and looks great with a wide range of outfits; the leather thong is a little less dressy than gold or silver, but the charms make it a bit special. It would make a nice gift.

    I also took a look around the website. It’s functional and well organised, and although full of photos it loads quickly. I really liked the fact that there were unusual things on the site that I hadn’t seen before – like the opportunity to custom design your own earrings, or the funky bookmarks.

    I did find that some of the items weren’t in the categories I’d have put them in (there are categories such as birthdays, memorials, etc). This can be very personal, so I guess I’d just suggest that you browse widely.

    And if you are ordering as a gift, it’s worth noting that the bracelet arrived beautifully wrapped and presented, and very quickly.

    So thanks, Oh My Giddy Aunt and Beauty and Lace – I was thrilled to try this, am very pleased to be able to recommend it highly, and now have some thoughts about some upcoming presents I need to buy!

  11. Thank you for the opportunity to trial this bracelet.

    It arrived in a beautiful little package, wrapped in tissue paper with a personalised note which was a special touch which is definitely appreciated if you are purchasing a quality piece of jewellery. The leather bracelet looks smart yet sophisticated. It is a little tricky to put on due to the need to pull and slide the leather cord, but it is fully adjustable and once it is secure I find it stays that way all day. When I first wore the bracelet I found the two charms hitting against each other to be extremely annoying, but after wearing it for 5 days I hardly notice it and it no longer bothers me.

    I really like the S charm I received – it is gold coloured, kind of rustic and has a handmade type look. I also like the sterling silver scorpio that I chose (my star sign) but at first I thought the two charms clashed as one was silver and the other gold. Now I am used to the combination I do like them together. I think two charms is plenty as they are both attached to the same ring, but perhaps you can have multiple rings on the cord if you want to add more. However I also think the bracelet would probably look best with only a couple of charms which allows the leather to be seen, and the bracelet to be simple and sophisticated.

    I have had a look around the website and am overwhelmed by the options – not only is there hundreds and hundreds of charms for the bracelets, there are also so many other items such as rings and brooches and necklaces. I like that there is lots of variety too in terms of silver or gold, and tones of gold. The website is also user friendly so it’s easy to search through the hundreds of options. If you are looking for a jewellery gift, I don’t think you could say you can’t find the perfect one on this website – I think the only problem you would have is trying to decide which one to get!

    Overall I really like the bracelet I received and will continue to wear it. I like that it is personalised and unique rather than something stock standard. Unfortunately I am not sure I could justify the cost to purchase this particular item as the product is worth much more than meets the eye at a glance. By this I mean for example that the materials are of much higher quality than someone may think upon looking at it quickly, and hence while it may not look like much the products actually are good value for what they are. I think if I had x amount of money to spend on the website I would probably not have chosen this particular item but I’ve actually grown to really love it so I’m glad this trial has given me the chance to try something new.

    Thanks Beauty and Lace, and Oh My Giddy Aunt 🙂

  12. Was so happy with my bracelet was so pretty and delicate, so nice to be able to personalise the jewellery with what you like. Perfect for a gift as it you can make it very special and thoughtful. The charms were very high quality but very lightweight so no bulky heavy charms weighing you down. The band was very durable and i expect the bracelet would last for years even with everyday wear. Could not be happier with quality and look would highly recommend. Having a look on the website there are so many great novelty products, so great for hard to buy people or occasions, my favorites were the tooth fairy trinkets where kids can put tooth for toothfairy and they can put $2 coin very special and the naming and christening day gifts always struggle for those occassions.

  13. Hi, I was really excited to be picked for this review, Thank you so much to Beauty and Lace and Oh My Giddy Aunt for this opportunity. I received the email saying I had been picked and within 2 days it was delivered and I live in a country town where it usually takes a bit longer , so I was amazed at my giddy aunts ability to get the bracket made and in the mail so quickly, when I opened the package there was a love heart shaped thank you card to me and a pretty little jewelry bag tied and attached to each other … So It had a nice little “opening the gift” feel about it… It felt very special. Then when I opened it and saw my bracelet I was smiling from ear to ear, it is so pretty and perfect for me, mine has a leather bracelet with the initial k for my hubby a name, and a heart attached to it…both 925 silver, I put it on and haven’t taken it off since, the slide knot on the leather bracelet it easy to use, and the bracelet its self it the perfect size, it feels and looks good on my wrist, it goes well with everything I wear, and I even shower with it on, the links on the silver charms are closed up so they can not ever come apart, and I presume that when the leather wears out you be able to replace it. Over all I really really love this little bracelet with charms and will recommend it to everyone.. Perfection!

  14. I was super excited to try this bracelet from my giddy aunt and was thrilled to open the lovely packaging, it was like Christmas again. In a beautifully packaged pouch with a heart thank you card the package made my day. The leather bracelet looks really nice and doesn’t look cheap at all considering the price which is oh so affordable at only just $51. It came with two charms which you can easily take off and put them in another bracelet or necklace. Charms are also good quality and available in number of variety to choose every occasion and person. The only thing I would say that it was a bit fidely to wear and adjust initially. Otherwise it looks great on and I am very happy with the bracelet. 🙂

  15. I agree with the others when the bracelet came it was beautifully wrapped and great care had been taken to personalise it. Sometimes its the small touches that you really remember!

    I have received many comments about my new bracelet. Everyone loved the initial pendant and I also have a little star. You can also take off the charms and put them on a necklace if you want to. The two charms are well forged so aren’t likely to fall off. I have slim wrists and it didn’t look bulky at all (as is the case with some other bracelets I’ve tried in the past). The charms never felt like they got in the way (an issue I have with my pandora bracelet) and the charms never caught on anything or made a lot of noise.

    The website was lovely and has many gift ideas which you can personalise. Definitely a website I will be visiting for my nieces future presents.

    In summary I love my bracelet and am so glad I was given the opportunity to trial this. Thank you!

  16. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Oh my Giddy Aunt for the opportunity to wear and review a bracelet. I was very surprised when I received my bracelet with the way that it was presented in such a professional and caring way especially the handwritten message on the card. I have never worn a leather bracelet before and found it to be very light and wearable. I have a small wrist so I could easily adjust it to fit which is great but did have trouble with it sliding loose during the day as one of the knots was not as tight as the other. My daughter has one which is much tighter and if I had purchased this I would probably contact the company as it seems a one off. I really like my initial charm and the shoe charm that I chose. As I work in retail and sell shoes it is a good talking point with customers when they notice the bracelet and ask where I received it from.
    Having checked out the Oh my Giddy Aunt website I was amazed to see so many products of varying types, silver, gold and combinations of both. There are many options of items to purchase, rings, bracelets charms and necklaces to name a few. There is jewellery with a difference for every occasion that one could possibly think of. The website is easily navigated and very user friendly. The hard part would be deciding which piece to get. Another great idea is gift vouchers which can be given to anyone to get that special gift and being able to choose it yourself.
    If I had a choice of what sort of bracelet I would have purchased I would not have chosen this type as it is usually not the style that I am used to wearing, but having worn it for the trail period I have found it to be very stylish and easy wearing. I will highly recommend Oh my Giddy Aunt to anyone that asks where to get some jewellery in the future.
    Thanks Beauty and Lace and Oh my Giddy Aunt to opening my eyes to a different style of bracelet that I will continue to wear.

  17. I was rapt to receive a gorgeous Oh My Giddy Aunt bracelet to review through Beauty and Lace. It arrived looking just gorgeous in a pretty little package, a right treat from the start! The bracelet itself is divine, I have always been a fan of leather bracelets and this one is super comfortable to wear. The initial disc is a great size too – not too big to get in the way but well balanced and noticable. I chose a starfish charm due to my love of the sea and it sits beautifully with the initial disc and together they give a pretty tinkling sound when wearing it! Beautiful.

    I have explored the Oh My giddy Aunt website also and found gift ideas aplenty. I know my girls would love a bracelet similar to mine as they have been eyeing it off since it’s arrival. But there are so many options available the website makes it easy to find just the right thing. So much better than buying generic, mass produced stuff. I can highly recommend Oh My Giddy Aunt from this experience and will no doubt be a frequent visitor to their site in the future!

  18. Thank you so much for allowing me to review The Oh My Giddy Aunt bracelet. I absolutely love it. It’s not chunky so doesn’t get in the way like other bracelets. It was nice and light and easy to wear and all of the designs are so cute. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends.

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