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Australian-owned and Brazilian-made fitness wear brand Brasilfit is encouraging women around Australia to join their “Celebrate Life” movement with the launch of their exciting new range of summer fitness wear. With product features including the ‘Brasilfit Lift’, the new range is designed to make women of all shapes and sizes feel fit and beautiful.

“Getting fit and healthy means so much more than a woman simply losing inches around her waistline,” says Leo Faibicher, Brazilian local and owner of Brasilfit.  “A fit and healthy lifestyle for a woman is about the celebration of what it means to be a woman, a big part of that being confidence and beauty. Brasilfit strives to help women accentuate those traits and celebrate every aspect of their lives – which is the true Brazilian way.”


Brasilfits is proud to showcase their take on the popular geometric trend with a range that boasts a palette of vibrant brights including neon coral, electric red, hot pink and tangerine. The triangular fusion is a great confidence booster! The stand out colours provide a welcome escape from a sea of black and the geometric pattern delights – drawing attention to the bits women love and a welcome distraction from the bits they don’t.


{From left to right Legging Print $119, Under Knee Rio Print $99, Under Knee Rio $119, Shorts Rio $99, Singlet Rio $89, Crop Top Rio $69}


Blue skies, white sandy beaches and free spirits are the things Brazilian dreams are made of, and Brasilfit delivers a material version of the ideal through the mirage range. Electric blues and deep purples work together effortlessly to accentuate the picturesque paradise print. Women in the gym or the dance studio are sure to feel transported.


{From left to right Legging Print $119, Under Knee Rio Print $99, Singlet Rio $89}


“The body is to be seen, not all covered up” – Marilyn Monroe

Each piece in the Brasilfit collection is created to compliment a woman’s body shape and the selection of innovative fabrics sourced from Brazil mean that women can feel supported and beautiful whilst concentrating on their fitness routine.  Brasilfit’s range of leggings are tailored for style, durability and comfort; using a blend materials that are advanced in fabric innovation such as Supplex, Bodytech, and Amni.


{From left to right Legging Calore $129, Under Knee Mix Summer $99, Under Knee Buzios $109, Under Knee Jump $109, Shorts Mix $69}


Life is colour and Brasilfit delivers a celebration of colour as the weather heats up and fitness sneaks back onto the radar. Citrus, hot pink, rose red, and bold blues are just some of the colours in this seasons collection. Whether pairing these brights with black leggings or going for a full colour explosion, women will be embracing life when stepping out and working out.


{From left to right Singlet Buzois $69, Singlet Action Amni $79, Singlet Alba $79, Crop Ilheus $65, Shorts Sole $85}

You can find the brand on Facebook at:

To celebrate the new Brasilfit Celebrate Life campaign we are giving away:

1 x Brasilfit shorts (2 in 1), $89

1 x Crop Top Rio, $69

$158 total value

For your chance to win tell us in the comments section below: “What do you do to celebrate life?”

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178 thoughts on “Win with Brasilfit

  1. I embrace all the little things that I encounter, as it’s the small things in life that become the important things in the future. My children’s smiles, their laughter, our time together and our promises. Life is short, I live with some regrets, but have chosen to live with no more, hence my life is lived to the fullest, doing what ‘I’ want to do and conquer what ‘I’ want to achieve!

  2. I run without fear into the freezing cold water of Collendina Beach, Victoria on my Christmas holiday break. It’s confirmed – I’m alive!

  3. I celebrate life everyday,
    Making people smile on my way,
    I talk to strangers and any one near,
    Even when I’m in my daggy workout gear!

  4. Work hard and play hard. But making time, to take time to enjoy the little things in life, like speaking into toy telephones passed to me by my daughter, finding pictures in the clouds or watching a sun set until it disappears completely into the horizon.

  5. I celebrate my life everyday I try to look through my grandsons eyes & see everything as new & amazing we love holding hands & happy to just walk around the block

  6. New Year resolution is to factor in fitness time along with a healthy foods lifestyle….brilliant Brasilfit will be the incentive to keep me on track even on those busy or bad weather days!

  7. I’d never really thought about it until my husband went in for open heart surgery just before Christmas. But from now on I’ll be looking for joy in everything I see and do, and really appreciating everything I have.

  8. I always try to stay positive and happy,
    Even if I’m feeling crappy,
    I like to have a smile on my face,
    And put those negative feelings back in their place.

  9. It’s important to develop a healthy lifestyle with my family and to do everthing I can to look after the planet – without it there is no life.

  10. What i do to celebrate is easy to say
    I enjoy my family every single day
    they are the reason to be happy with who i am
    they are my family my own little clan

  11. Having lost my Dad three months ago, I feel like I live more in the now. I appreciate my life, my family and what I have more because I know it can all be taken away in an instant. Every day is a celebration to life.

  12. Treat each day as a new opportunity to embrace life and it’s many challenges whilst staying true to myself and being the best I can be.

  13. I like to explore the world around me whenever I have the opportunity so that I can come to have a deeper appreciation for life and have beautiful memories that depict life’s real celebrations- family, friends and all the things that really matter.

  14. I have made a life changing decision to fill my weekends with activities and meeting new people and I quit my job last year that had been a really depressing and oppressive place to work. So 2014 I am hoping is going to be a better year.

  15. I have fun with my two young children by chasing them around the park and our backyard and showing that that exercise can be fun.

  16. What I you do to celebrate life is remember that we’re not here for a long time we need to make the here most of it and have a great time with it see friends and family is and live it to the full work hard and play hard and have a smile at the ready when there is something to celebrate no matter how small make a BIG deal out of it and have some fun appreciate the small stuff

  17. I love to celebrate life by being appreciative and giving back to people by paying it forward! Good deeds that bring a smile to others brings a smile to me

  18. I celebrate life by enjoying the quality time spent with friends. I turn off technology and just focus on those relationships.

  19. Nothing like endorphins to make you feel alive, heart pounding, chest heaving sweating from exercising and sharing fun and sad times with your family and friends.

  20. I’ve always been fascinated with space and the sky. To celebrate life, I like to watch the milky way at night. It shows how ginormous the universe is, how we are just a speck of light in it but we can make a huge difference in our life and others.

  21. I try and count my blessings, l know people worse than myself. So l pick myself up smile chose to be happy, enjoy family and friends and live life.

  22. I celebrate life by smiling and being grateful for what I have. I have achieved this on my own and that sure is something.

  23. There is no other feeling like pushing your body to it’s limits to reach the peak of a mountain; to not only to be rewarded with the amazing view, but to feel empowered with spiritual strength. To me, celebrating life is all about nature and health

  24. I practice gratitude everyday! At the end of each day I go through the days events and choose the best part, it allows me to focus on all the good in each day – Oh and at the end of the week I do like to relax with a glass of good wine 😉

  25. I celebrate life by being happy and enjoying the small things in life. Like how cute a dog is or a plant getting flowers

  26. spend time with my family to me that is what life is about and celebrate the lovely memories you all make together

  27. Make the most of what I have, appreciate my family and friends and try to enjoy and make the most out of each day because life is short and so precious.

  28. I never make New Years Resolutions I just make it lifestyle to eat & live healthy. My Daughter & granddaughter make me full of joy .

  29. I celbrate life by enjoying the little things like my son kicking me when he sleeps in my bed, my husbands soft little snores, my teenagers giggles! Simple things

  30. I love spending time with my niece and nephews, they have a great outlook on life and can often simplify the most difficult life situations us adults cannot. They are a breath of fresh air in my sometimes crazy life, I cherish every moment I spend with them!

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