Great Ways to Accessorize

Trends are always rising and falling, and they can change in an instant. Some things never truly go out of style and straddle the line between accessory and gadget, like cute iPhone cases and elegant wristwatches in rose gold or white gold. Still, it is nice to know which upcoming trendy accessories will be all the rage for the New Year, so you can start off your year looking fresh.

With fashion week after fashion week touting the newest trends and styles to get excited about in the upcoming year, here are a few trends we will begin to see more of as we dive headfirst into 2021. 

Headbands – Bigger, Bolder, Better

Headbands were a huge hit in the late ’90s and early 2000s, with an extensive array of styles, sizes, shapes, and add-ons. Though headbands, in some ways, never truly disappeared from vogue, they are making a comeback in a huge way for 2021. Gorgeous and intricate headbands, made of silk, lace, and any manner of materials are in. These will be especially popular as a wedding accessory for brides, and will always be a fun street accessory too.

Mega Lenses

Sunglasses are constantly going through changes in trends, from small wire frames to boldly colored lenses or even the recent reflective lens trend. However, the big statement sunglass style for 2021 is the mega lens. From bold colors to bedazzled gems, Costa Del Mar sunglasses are huge in a metaphorical and literal way. They are a natural response to the small sunglasses that were in style in 2020, and they can already be seen dominating the runways in preparation for 2020 fashions.

(Super) Oversized Bags

Oversize bags have been a major fashion staple for the last few years. It seems like every year the bigger the bag the better, and 2020 is no different. Maybe you do not need a bag with all that space, but it will make you look pretty trendy. Besides, now you will have more room for shopping, souvenirs, and carrying everything around will be much simpler. There are lots of styles already available.

Feathers – Everywhere

What does “Feathers” mean exactly? Just feathers worn wherever? It’s a vague description, but feathered accessories were a big hit among designers at various fashion weeks across the globe, indicating a rising trend. From earrings and other jewelry to even feathered shoes, designers used colorful plumes to enhance and accentuate their outfits and accessories. 

Bright feathers have always naturally attracted the eye, so why not take advantage of the trend while its popular? Earrings, handbags, shoes, and more – you can find nearly anything with feathers on it nowadays.

Basket Bags

With a bohemian style on the rise across the board from accessories to clothes and everything in between, it is no wonder that these handbags are bursting onto the scene. Some bags are quite literally baskets with straps, some are simply woven in a basket pattern, and some have a basket-like pattern embroidered or attached to the outside. 

Whatever the case may be, this style is a big hit, and it is incredibly functional. After all, no need for a picnic basket when your purse can easily be one, too.


New trends in 2020 cover an entire look book of styles. This shortlist is not exhaustive by any means, and many other trends are already appearing to start off 2020, like large pumps and geometrically shaped handbags. 

Whatever the trend, there is something out there for everyone. We all love a good accessory, and the right details can truly pull an outfit together and make you feel confident.

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