How to Wear Coloured Jeans

Coloured jeans have snuck into our wardrobes, actually snuck might not be the right word – especially for the brighter pairs, so I’m going to go with “they have partied their way into our wardrobes”. Yes, much more accurate.

Maybe it’s all those years wearing traditional denim shades which has got us all turning our legs towards lollipop shades, or maybe it’s that we all really love to experiment with fashion. Nothing brightens your day like a splash of colour but it has to be done right.

jeans west
Jeans West Pepper Super Skinnies:

I have been thinking about purchasing a pair of pink or red jeans but dipped my toe in the water to work out exactly what works – I picked up a pair of blues (note not denim blue, more like a bright, dark blue) from Big W’s Emerson collection for just $18. Department stores can be a bit hit and miss, one wash and everything falls apart or you can end up with a gem like I did, I wear these all the time and if Big W ever bring them back I will be buying more colours.

Colour blocking was the trend of summer, but unless you are super confident and can get away with two legs wrapped in colour AND a bright contrasting top, I’d stick with neutrals up top. A good rule is to never wear the same coloured top as your legs, you wouldn’t double denim so don’t double colour. Unless you are in Avatar.

Kelly Virtual Pink Jeans from Mavi:

When choosing coloured jeans, go for slim-ish straight leg or skinny – try them on in different colours and see what suits and flatters your bod. Lighter, pastel shades that cling in all the wrong places will look worse than brighter colours – if people are looking at the gorgeous colour they won’t be looking at your thighs.

You can wear almost any style of top that you like with coloured jeans including:

A nice blouse works well for making the jeans a bit more sophisticated – pair with high heels and accessories to complete the look. You can also wear ballet flats for a daytime feel. White or mushroom gives a nice clean look but black can work well too.


From Shopbop:

A tee or singlet is ideal for lounging around the house, or even shopping or a girly catch up. You can wear a jumper or windcheater with these too for snuggly winter days (permission granted) or a cute jacket. Treat them like jeans just be careful of clashing colours. Patterns can work well if done correctly, and horizontal stripes create some subtle interest. It really depends on your base colour as to the boundaries you can push.

striped tee
ASOS tee:

If you choose a high wasted style, don’t reveal your belly unless it’s super flat – if you choose a regular cut you can wear your top out, in or back to front – tight or loose, whatever you desire. Still, I’d keep your belly button out of view – but maybe that’s just me.

Dress them up, or down, coloured jeans are so much more flattering than leggings and will be brightening our dark winter days.

Do you own a pair of coloured jeans? What do you wear them with?

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