Lindsay Phillips Ballet Flats

I’m feeling rather spoilt today as I sit here wearing my new pair of ballet flats from Lindsay Phillips. The brand has just launched in Australia and the shoes are pretty with a difference – they come with interchangeable snaps.

The snaps are flower-like embellishments which allow your one pair of shoes to be transformed instantly to match any outfit. They snap and unsnap easily in seconds, which is not to say that they will fall off when you walk because they are secured quite firmly.

Lindsay Phillips ballet flats are perfect for those winter days when you don’t feel like wearing heels and you can switch the snaps to take them from workday to nightplay.

There are three base styles in the winter 2011 collection with classic black, grey patent and snakeskin design, and with the different flower options the possibilities are endless.

lindsay phillips

Ballet flats are my winter version of flip flops and I like to wear them all the time so comfort is essential. These little cuties feel nice and cushioned on your busy feet and you can slip them on every day without any discomfort.

I can see myself continuing to wear these even after the novelty wears off, because they look nice and go with absolutely everything (especially the black).

Lindsay Phillips is extremely popular in the US, Canada and England and are sure to be a hit in Australia too. You can get your pair exclusively from Terry White Chemists for $59.95 and the snaps are just $12.95.


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