Naturalizer Shoes Autumn / Winter 2012

The new Autumn / Winter collection from Naturalizer Shoes is now available, and my feet are very happy because they have been lucky enough to walk around in two different pairs from the new range. Having a pair of flats and a pair of heels will take you through the cooler months and you really don’t need anything else (except sneakers for running and slippers for snuggling of course).

I adore both designs but if I were to choose between the two I would say Iman ($179.95), even though I probably wouldn’t wear them as often as the flats. These are beautiful, leather upper shoes come in black or tan (mine are black) and are extremely versatile. Wear them with skinny jeans, leggings, or tights and a dress – they have a heel that is high enough to make your legs look amazing, but you still feel steady on your feet.

Iman Black
Naturalizer Shoes Iman Black

Normally when I think of heels, the first words that come to mind definitely aren’t comfortable and soft, but when I slipped these on I could feel the cushioning straight away. The lining is breathable which is especially good in Winter when you are wearing socks or stockings. I’m sure you are looking at the image right now and imagining all the different outfits you can wear the Naturalizer Iman shoes with!

The second pair of shoes I chose was the Content Alloy in Nickel (RRP $129.95). These are a ballet flat design and also have a leather upper. I love the detailing on the shoe, it’s simple and sweet and I love wearing these shoes with jeans – any kind of jeans really, even the coloured kind.

Content Nickel Alloy
Naturalizer Shoes Content Nickel Alloy

There is cushioning inside, if your feet are bare inside you may need to wear them in a little in the heel area but the soles are very comfortable.

As far as flats go, this colour is perfect and you can dress them up or down depending on the time of day. There is also a black or sidewalk version available, all very wearable designs.

These are just two choices from a large Autumn / Winter collection, visit to see the entire range!

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  1. These are truly beautiful shoes, that I could definately see myself wearing, especially the boots as they sound so comfortable.

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