Nico Underwear Debut “Bright” Collection

Nico Underwear was born to this world with the belief that underwear needn’t be all lacy and flashy but not plain and unflattering either. Nico announce themselves as being “in between underwear” and for many women, this is music to their ears.

The latest collection up for offer, Bright, has been accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia and the materials you see are made from beautifully soft luxe bamboo jersey.

Bamboo is a clever choice for those with sensitive skin due to its ability to allow the skin to breathe more freely.

Each clothing piece is made with sustainability in mind and materials are ethically sourced.

Bold and fun patterns feature on the brightly coloured underwear and being rather fond of all things pink, I have my eye on many of the pieces!

Nico may be a petite little brand and they’re still baby-new but they have charm and warmth that will take them far.

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