Nora Dinosaur Supersoft Fleece Animal Onesie (Boohoo)

If you are yet to jump on the grownup onesie trend, this new Nora Dinosaur design from Boohoo will be sure to impress your kids at least! This is one of the newer designs available at the popular fashion store and has an RRP of $50. Supersoft fleece will keep you cosy and it’s available in sizes 8-14.


If you have something simpler in mind, there are a variety of other designs to choose from with plain colours, patterns or less threatening animals to choose from.

View Nora here: Dinosaur Animal Onesie


3 thoughts on “Nora Dinosaur Supersoft Fleece Animal Onesie (Boohoo)

  1. I had never heard of these until I saw them on the TV Show Sunrise last week. I think they are great and they look so comfy. I am happy to admit that I would wear one to keep warm on some of our chilly nights up here.

  2. Would love to win 1 of these to keep me warm on these chilly cold nights, also they would come in handy for fancy dress ups 🙂

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