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Rebecca Thompson is a Melbourne based fashion designer. Her self titled label is synonymous with intricate embellishment, beautiful embroidery and detailed designs.

Rebecca Thompson’s Spring/Summer 10 collection poetically combines colour, texture and prints and embraces this seasons must have trends.

The stunning sequined kaftans, embellished jackets and amazing tribal prints are a clear stand out.

This year Rebecca Thompson celebrates its 10th anniversary and shows no signs of slowing down. With its aficionados and dedicated frill seeks continuing to form an ever growing following.

Rebecca Thompson has captured the attention of a number of fashion-forward celebrities; A-listers, Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton, Resse Witherspoon, Halle Berry, and Australia’s own Toni Collette and Yumi Stynes have all been spotted flaunting her heavenly fashions.

rebecca thompson

Rebecca took some time out to chat with Beauty and Lace:

How would you describe your designs?

Unique, often hand embroidered or beaded, colourful and easy to wear.

What will be the hottest accessory for this summer?

I think everybody should have a summer tunic or caftan. Doesn’t have to be way out & bohemian. It can be pretty, fresh and floral in design.

But something that that can be worn loose or belted, paired with a flat shoe or dressed up with a heel and a clutch. It’s all about how you accessorise the caftan. Something in your outfit should be chunky and oversized whether its your necklace, ring, bangle, bag or even hair.

rebecca thompson

(Rebecca Thompson floral dress RRP $347.50)

Your brand has been around for 10 years, how do you keep it fresh?

We are constantly experimenting with how to embellish fabrics. One season it maybe heavy on prints, the next heavy with embroideries layered over prints.

Freshness often can be reflected also through using contrasting colours. The “fresh” challenge is the fun and difficult part, but the part of the design process I love the most.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I have always mentioned that due to my factory being situated in India I am constantly surrounded by inspiration and art.

Dramatic colours, astonishing bead and embroidery work and talented artisans who create and develop their crafts from street level using recycled rubbish up through a boutique/gallery level artist. Its an easy place to be inspired.

Rebecca Thompson jewel bolero $361.00

(Rebecca Thompson Jewel Bolero RRP $361.00)

Being Melbourne based, do your designs reflect the city?

I’m conscious of the Melbourne clientele but I’m also conscious that we sell in most other Australian states too plus abroad.

I must admit I love the confidence of dressing seen in Melbourners and I hope this characteristic is reflected in my designs.

Celebrities love your collections, how does it make you feel when they are spotted wearing them?

Thrilling. Still one of the highest compliments you can get. Now saying this I often get the same thrill when I see anybody I don’t know wearing the Rebecca Thompson collection. Lets say I have had a few near miss accidents gawking at people wearing RT on the streets.

What is something we wouldn’t know about you?

That I’m due to have my first baby very soon – very excited.

Who are your favourite Australian designers right now?

That’s a hard one. I think we have some really interesting designers creating right now but I am not blown away by any one particular Australian designer this season. Many designers are playing it safe this season due to the retail sales environment.

Rebecca Thompson(Rebecca Thompson Silk Tribal Dress RRP $504.00)

What has been the biggest challenge in establishing Rebecca Thompson as a brand?

Establishing and educating buyers, that just because the work comes from India doesn’t mean it is not of the highest quality. Thankfully over time this thought is not an issue any longer.

Where can we buy your range?

Rebecca Thompson opened our own online boutique The Parlour ( 12 months ago but we’re also stocked in over 40 of Australia’s best stores,  throughout the USA, Singapore and few other international destinations too.

It’s best to view our website for stockist details and more information.

What’s next for Rebecca Thompson?

Completing the Spring 2011/12 collection before bubba appears.

What does being a woman mean to you?

An automatic pass to wear dresses – the simple wardrobe staple.

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