Real Fashion: Montarna McDonald

Montarna McDonald is 21 years old and is the writer of The Intersection, Paddington blog. As this week’s fabulously fashionable female, we asked Montarna to describe in her own words what she is wearing, where she got it and why it works:

Tell us about yourself and your personal style:

I go for a chic fashion forward look always. I don’t think I have a defined style, I like to have fun with what I’m wearing and take risks. I try to work trends into my outfits but try to not let them take over – it’s all about creating a timeless look but also having fun!

I’m all about what best suits me best and what I feel comfortable in. I layer basic pieces but I always love supple leather, chic basic pieces mixed with one stand out piece such as an Isabel Marant blazer, Givenchy bag or Balmain boots and I’m all over having an over-sized watch and cuff to top of any look.

You’ll regularly find me in leather leggings, an Ellery tee, Chanel flats and a statement jacket and bag – I love a great bag, who doesn’t?


Tell us where you would wear this outfit and why you think it works for you..

I am wearing this outfit at the moment in New York City.

I’m working while I’m here and shopping in between so I chose this outfit to go for a casual chic look. As it’s freezing cold in NYC at the moment and walking is the New York way I felt my Isabel Marant high-top sneaker wedges were perfect for darting around the city in. And you can’t go wrong with a boyfriend fit jean and leather jacket!

Explain each piece of clothing and tell us where you go them and how much they cost:

T-shirt: I got this tee in my most recent visit to Paris from Celine, it cost $330.

Jacket: My two-tone leather jacket I picked up in London from Topshop, it cost around $400

Jeans: My jeans are Bassike and I got these from Bassike’s Intersection, Paddington store for about $300

Sneakers: I ordered my Isabel Marant sneakers from Net-A-Porter for $580.00, they are my absolute favourite shoes at the moment.

Bracelet: The silver spike cuff is from Ksubi’s Intersection Paddinton store I bought it a few years ago and it adds edge to any outfit

Bag: Chanel 2.55, it’s a classic enuff said!

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