Real Style: Ainslee and Leah (My Social Stylist)

Ainslee and Leah are behind a new interactive fashion iPhone app titled My Social Stylist. The girls have an obvious love of clothes and accessories, and we were lucky enough to take a look at their own style choices for this real fashion feature.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your personal style

I am a chameleon when it comes to fashion. My style has been described as changing as often as the wind. You could find me in anything from boyfriend jeans and an oversized T to edgy, fashion forward statement garments. I tend not to get too caught up in trends but work the ones I love into my wardrobe. I am always drawn to unique and intriguing pieces.

I dress depending on my mood but I love structure in a garment and am always a sucker for relaxed boho glamour. Style is all about self expression and confidence. My cardinal rule when it comes to fashion is to love what you wear and to wear what you love.


Where would you wear this and why does it work for you?

I wear this outfit to various events such as meetings with industry to coffee with friends. I would add my faux fur jacket or structured shoulder cape to turn it from day to a relaxed evening look.

Explain each piece and where you got it…

  • Wildfox oversized T – $145
  • Style Stalker Kravitz pants – $189
  • Jeffrey Campbell Lita platforms – $160
  • Ring – ManiaMania – $360


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your personal style

I love clothes and the way a killer outfit has the ability to put an extra spring in your step and elevate your mood.  I don’t believe in waiting for “an opportunity” to wear an outfit so you’d probably see me buying an avant-garde dress and finding a way to wear it to work tomorrow.  So, I guess you could say that I do tend to overdress… but the way I see it is that life is too short to wait for “the perfect occasion” to wear something that you love.

When I shop, I find myself attracted to things that are a bit “left of centre”, anything Gaga-esque and fashion forward.  Like Leah, I also love structured garments…a structured shoulder is just so chic.  I also am drawn to bold digital prints, rose gold accessories and spikes.


Where would you wear this and why does it work for you?

I wear this outfit frequently to a variety of different places – work, out for lunch or out for drinks.  I think this outfit works for me as firstly, it’s super comfy.  Let’s face it, if I’m not comfortable in what I’m wearing, I’m not having fun. Secondly, the grey “Billions and Trillions” top is quite flattering as the asymmetrical style shows the right amount of the design of the “Black Milk” leggings.  Thirdly, my “Unif” Hellraisers are my second skin at the moment so I’m most happy when they’re adorned to my feet!

Explain each piece of clothing and where you got it…

  • Custom made “armour inspired” leather cropped top – $70
  • Billions & Trillions asymmetrical top – $50
  • Black Milk “Cathedral” leggings – $90
  • Unif “Hellraiser” shoes – $165
  • ASOS cuff – $30
  • Diva metal necklace – $20

Tell us about My Social Stylist App:

My Social Stylist is a free iPhone app that creates an interactive, worldwide network for the fashion conscious and style savvy. The app is like having a personal stylist on call to guide you through your purchase decisions, while also allowing you to give real time advice to other members facing fashion dilemmas – all from your iPhone.

My Social Stylist is also a fun form of ‘social shopping’; through the App’s ‘Lookbook’ feature, members can share pictures of the items they are buying, the latest trends they admire, and their sources of inspiration.

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