Designers: Stephen Ristefsky and Vincent Macheda
Based: Melbourne
W: www.ristefskymacheda.com
E: info@ristefskymacheda.com
P: +61 3 9349 3286

Founded in 2003 by designers Stephen RISTEFSKY and Stephen RISTEFSKY, men’s designer underwear and beachwear label RISTEFSKYMACHEDA has enjoyed success and a cult following since their official launch in 2005. As other fashion labels consider underwear and beachwear as diffusions to their collection/s, RISTEFSKY & MACHEDA are focused on becoming a global brand of designer underwear and beachwear.


RISTEFSKYMACHEDA is currently stocked nationally in David Jones along with various national boutique retailers. International focus has also seen the label expand into Italy in January 2007 and will officially launch their online underwear store (www.rmunderwear.com) on May 1 2007.

The label is poised to create a cult following internationally with their stylish and balanced collection of European influenced designs based on the relaxed Australian lifestyle. Positioned in the market as underwear and beachwear designers, RISTEFSKY and MACHEDA are extremely familiar with the competitive nature of this specific area of fashion.

“There are many fashion labels that include underwear and beachwear in their collections as diffusion ranges. We consider RISTEFSKYMACHEDA as a designer label that utilise designer principles of cut and construction to fabric selection that are commonly used in ready to wear collections”.

The label has received worldwide recognition for not only the stylish nature and fashion element of the collections, but also the ability for RISTEFSKYMACHEDA to collaborate with other major brands supported also through their amazing ad campaigns.  This has led to RISTEFSKYMACHEDA creating an image that is stylish, cool, highly recognised and highly sought after.

RISTEFSKYMACHEDA’s up and coming online underwear launch (www.rmunderwear.com) will expand the labels offering to the rest of the world.  Beachwear online is expected in July.

“Underwear and beachwear make an equally important fashion statement as outerwear.  This is evident through the growing markets and influx of celebrities in both of these areas.  Our objective is to continue supporting this view and provide a label that is truly Australian, truly designer and accessible through modern day mediums. The net is definitely one of those and we’re excited to be a part of it.”


Q: What is the inspiration behind RM?

A: Creating stylish, fashion forward and comfortable underwear and beachwear pieces that reflect our European influences yet encapsulate the relaxed Australian lifestyle (that we love so much).

Q: How would you describe your current collection –

A: Each RM collection comprises key elements of a sexy image, stylish cut and quality construction.

Q: Price range –

A: Underwear – $19.95 to $34.95 Beachwear $ 49.95 to $119.95

Q: How would you describe a typical RM guy?

A: The RM man enjoys fashion, appreciates style and comfort.  The RM woman is the same and buys RM for her man.

Q: Future –

A: Continue to grow the brand domestically through David Jones and our boutique store base, with an additional focus on online.  Growing Italy further and focussing on London and New York this year due to interest and design compatibility for those areas.

Q: 3 fave grooming tips –

A: 1.Always shave after a shower
2.Always smell nice. Nothing evokes senses better and a great scent.

Q: 3 fave fashion tips –

A:  Don’t try too hard. Magazines and runways provide direction for a season in fashion… don’t try and replicate the look. Apply the principles that suit you.

And last but not least Always… always wear sexy comfortable underwear.. it makes you feel good and supremely confident.

Q: Biggest fashion mistake –

A: Underwear over pants….. OK for superman but his only mistake was that he was not wearing RISTEFSKYMACHEDA.

Q: Words of wisdom to up and coming designers –

A: Treat a fashion label like any other business. Hot collections need to be backed up with an equally HOT business plan.

Q: Autumn / Winter 2007 forecast –

A:  Seeing what’s happening with weather at this point, rugging up may be delayed until well and truly   Winter.  OH, you mean fashion forecast and not weather forecast…ha..ha

This article was collated by Tanja:

Tanja Mrnjaus is a Melbourne based Image & Style Consultant and the Principal of ID Couture. To find out more about ID Couture please visit www.idcouture.com or email tanja@idcouture.com

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