Urban Kreation Clothing Jeans

Australia is about to be hit with the ultimate pair of jeans – built to withstand the rigours of the active, crazy teenage boy.

This is sure to be the next cool craze with all skateboarders, BMX and scooter freaks and this will finally be a fad that is supported and even encouraged by the mothers of these young dare-devils.

Urban Kreation Clothing jeans are looking like making cuts, scrapes and grazes a thing of the past. An afternoon hanging out and working on that new trick no longer needs to be paid for in blood, and skin. Skaters, scooters and BMXers everywhere know that it’s one thing to tear your clothes but totally different when you tear your skin along with it.

More to the point, mothers of those teenagers understand how important it is to be able to protect your daring, death defying teens from those injuries while still allowing them the freedom to experiment without looking overprotective and wrapping them in padding before they leave the house with their weapon of choice.

urban kreation jeans

So how awesome would it be if you could find high tech fashion jeans that look cool and offer the ultimate in skin protection?

Kevlar, used in bulletproof vests, and Vectran, the fibre used to cushion the space mission on Mars, are both present in the lining of these ultra strong and safe Urban Kreation Clothing jeans. The lining is reinforced with a Liquid Crystal Polymer making a micro fibre more than five times stronger than steel.

Now that has got to be tough enough to foil even the craziest teenager determined to do himself damage with his death-defying stunts and even the clumsiest, who by no fault of their own, still manage to leave blood and flesh behind them wherever they go.

Urban Kreation Clothing jeans have extraordinary heat, abrasion and impact resistance which means they will eliminate scarring, scratching, tearing and heat burns. The best bit is that all of this ‘protection’ is hidden on the inside of the jeans. This means that the loving mum who wants their baby totally protected but still funky and fashionable is onto a winner, and their daring youths will have no reason not to stay protected.

The Kevlar weave is soft and comfortable and the protective fabric and it’s joins are invisible when they’re on and the skinny style cut means they will look and feel great on.

The LCP protection is also absorbent which means it will draw away moisture such as humidity, sweat and rain to keep your performance in those conditions comfortable.

Urban Kreation Clothing Jeans come in Stretch Slim Fit in blue and black, sizes 26-36 and will be available from specialty BMX, skate and scooter stores. They are around $200 a pair so a little on the pricey side but they’ll be well worth the money for your peace of mind – not to mention the fact that you won’t need to replace or mend them constantly.

Come to think of it, I think I want some of these for my Little Miss 7, she’s forever getting scrapes and scratches.

For more information about this technological teen-proof jeans please head over to: www.activeoutthere.com.au

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