Watch It: How to Dress for Your Age

In a recent makeover special one of Westfield’s fashion stylists Jo Blankfield helped Facebook fan Natasha get out of her fashion rut.

Natasha learnt how to dress her age of 40 and the result was a fresh look that didn’t look too young OR too old for her. Natasha and her sister were amazed by the transformation, all of which was easy to acheive and maintain:

Jo chose graphic stripes and patterns so the look would be modern and on trend, and added some fun accessories such as a pair of bright blue shoes from Novo and jewellery from Diva.

A few other stores included in the makeover were Portmans, Bardot and Jacqui E.

Love Natasha’s new hair too!

Visit Westfield for their new Spring/Summer collection.

6 thoughts on “Watch It: How to Dress for Your Age

  1. There is nothing worse than older people trying to dress too young, you can still look classy and stylish but wear appropriate clothing. I am too shy to wear anything too revealing, which is a bit different to how I dressed before I became a Mum, now I like to wear nice clothes, but not ‘Mum’ clothes that make me look like I have given up on my style!

  2. hmmm some time with a stylist would be very interesting for me.

    My style has never changed but I’ve never really been a fashionista. Give me comfort and i’m happy.
    i would love to learn to dress to flatter my shape because i am so over it, but ideally I would prefer to change the shape.

  3. I dream of someone turning up to wisk me off for a makeover day. Lucky Natasha. Im afraid I really do need a makeover. After a few health issues ive put on some weight which is very drepressing and to be honest ive really lost my way where fashion is concerned. I think when I gave up work to care for my kids that was when my clothing became more casual and now if i have to attend something where i have to get dressed up i go into panic.
    Weird really when i think about because i still wear make up daily.
    Cant Oprah send a makeover team for me??…lol

  4. OMG>>>>>>she looked totally different. I’m not sure about what she had on, because I hate when the mature ladies try to wear the younger fashion. Personally I would have rather seen her in something different. Loved her hair and make-up though.
    I just wear for comfort but when I go out I try to be comfortable with a bit of class. No high heels for me either due to a balance problem.

    1. Mandy, I have trouble with high heels also because of knee problems.
      Its a little sad as I do think they make your legs look fantastic.
      I have to have a slight heel and thats it. I cant wear flats either so shoes are such an issue for me.
      I once applied for one of those tv makeovers but they would only take people that lived in Sydney or Melbourne…bummer.

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