Watch it: Wesfield Makeovers

We love a good makeover, and Westfield have the store power to create style changing looks. The popular shopping centres have been giving a few lucky shoppers a dream makeover.

With the help of Fashion Stylist Trish Murray and Hair and Makeup Artist Sarah Laidlaw the girls were preened and pampered and had loads of fun!

We have video footage from one of the transformations –

Take a look at Cheryl’s Makeover Part 1:

Cheryl’s Makeover Part 2:

Cheryl’s Makeover Part 3:

Cheryl’s Makeover Part 4:

Make sure you head into your local Westfield for all the latest summer collections, even without your own personal stylist you can create a wardrobe makeover of your own.

For more information and style tips visit the Westfield website.

11 thoughts on “Watch it: Wesfield Makeovers

  1. omg, how could you not love the end result most of all. she looked absolutely beautiful, and the reactions of her nearest and dearest was amazing to see. bought tears to my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚ gorgeous makeover

  2. Awww, i love how they turned her from drab to fab, so easily that she could do it herself from now on. Just lovely to watch

  3. SENSATIONAL. What a result. From the beginning to the end, it was just wonderful to watch and even gave me a few ideas

  4. I loved seeing her glowing with confidence from her makeover she looked gorgeous. And I also loved hearing how much she meant to her family, its great someone so deserving got to be pampered and made to feel like a princess. She looks beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Love the style of the outfit! So easy and you can wear it day or night!
    If you look good, you feel good and she definitely showed that at the end. She looked so happy, whereas before she kind of lacked a bit off oomph/ confidence.

  6. I have never been keen on light coloured heels, but that stunning pair truly converted me! I love how the Hair and makeup artist gave helpful hints so the look can be carried through at home. Most of all her radiant smile after the makeover spoke a thousand words, she looked amazing and she knew it! (-:

  7. I loved the renewed confidence seen in Cheryl at the end of her makeover. It uplifted her spirits and the spirit sof her friends and family to see how happy she was.

    Must check out those shoes at payless shoes too, they looked stunning!

  8. Wasn’t it great to see what a simple and easy makeover can do for someone’s confidence!

    It was great to see the hairdresser giving tips to Cheryl too so she can recreate the look at home.

  9. That it truly inspirational and reinforces that yes, there is hope for us all!! It’s amazing what someone with a little bit of knowledge and experience can do for you and we should all embrace that and take tips from it.

  10. I loved how confident she looked and felt. Her smile was just beautiful, it said it all. I also thought it was wonderful how her daughter reacted to seeing her mum – she cried.

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