WIN top Christmas gifts with Westfield

Remember we talked about the Westfield Insider, Alyce? She has been a busy girl, searching the Westfield stores for her favourite Christmas gift ideas.

With options for the whole family and different price points from budget to splurge, take a look at this video which features her top picks:

And if you need a bit of extra Christmas cheer, Westfield are giving away the featured pressies with 5 ‘Save or Splurge’ Christmas gift packs up for grabs.

All details on how to enter are in the video above, but be quick because you don’t have long, Santa will be here before you know it.

4 thoughts on “WIN top Christmas gifts with Westfield

  1. Love the gift of books! Any of my family (especially the kids!) would be stoked to get some great books, and most of the book stores list their most popular instore. For dad, a book on travel, for mum a book of beauty, for hubby a wartime novel, and Dr Suess for the kids! Christmas shopping done! 😀

  2. The missing link in his electronic empire,
    It would fulfill his yearning desire,
    The Westfield Insider and I agree,
    iPad suits my partner to a tee,
    Alas our bank balance will be dire!

  3. Well I know Miss 7 (oops, nearly said 6) would say her favourite gift idea from that video would be the Nintendo DS, she’s been bugging me to get one since she was 4 – I told her when she was 8 so I guess next year’s the year.

    I personally like the book idea, hmmm… guess that was a bit predictable! Lucky my kids love them too.

    And for hubby – I’m sure he would love an iPad.

    All very good choices really. 🙂 But a favourite….. BOOKS!!!! Because if you had to choose one shop to do all your Xmas shopping in then a book shop is the only one you could choose where you are certain to find something for absolutely everyone.

  4. Every girl of every age loves Jewellery. So for Miss teen and Miss 6 I would go to Diva as they have a great range of different styles and Miss teen would like all the ‘fashionable’ but Miss 6 would like all the ‘sparkly’ girly things. Can’t go wrong with jewellery if there are girls around.

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