Winter Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Spring is often the season people think of for weddings, but just because the snow starts falling doesn’t mean some lovebirds aren’t ready to make their vows. Winter weddings can be beautiful, but the anxiety of any bridesmaid party to such a wedding is understandable.

The thought of standing out in freezing temperatures in just a little strapless dress is enough to make anyone shiver. Luckily, there’s no reason to have dull-looking dresses just because the clouds have settled in for the season. Here are some easy-to-use winter bridesmaid dress trends that are sure to heat things up.

Cover Them Up


It’s cold, so cover up your bridesmaids appropriately. Beautiful sleeves are currently very stylish. You don’t necessarily need to invest in a dress with sleeves down to the wrists. Three-quarter sleeves are perfect, and they can even come across as extremely elegant if they are made out of something sheer or decorative such as lace.

If sleeves just aren’t going to jive with your chosen dress pattern, then consider providing a wrap for your girls. It can be made of anything from sheer fabric to faux fur. Illusion necklines and tea-length dresses are also great for covering up in style.

Rich Colors

Pantone has declared for the first time ever the color of the year a blend with Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rich jewel colors are definitely in for the foreseeable future, and there’s no better time for a rich-colored wedding than winter. Stay soft with the color of the year or go boldly rich with deep reds. It’s ultimately up to you, but the winter months are definitely the time for earthy and rich colors to really shine.

Go With Sheer Skirts or Satin Fabric

Sheer skirts are beautiful on long-skirted dresses. You can also layer sheer fabric with more opaque layers to keep your bridesmaids covered. If you’re looking for something a little shinier, satin fabric is classic for weddings and sure to add flair. You could even go with glittery dresses if you’re really looking to make your bridesmaids stand out.

There are many different stylish winter bridesmaid dress options. It is your big day, but try not to make your bridesmaids suffer in below-freezing temperatures in little dresses with no sleeves. Take advantage of the beautiful styles the cold season offers. Your wedding party is bound to look stunning.

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