Adidas Originals Represent

Adidas has long been a brand associated with sportswear but they also have quite an extensive streetwear range.

Adidas Originals has just released the next phase of the ‘adidas is all in’ campaign and they have some globally known and loved names as brand ambassadors.


The new ad released recently and it features global sensation Nicki Minaj, fashion wild child Jeremy Scott, hip hop sensation Big Sean, Sky Ferreira, 2NE1, Kids These Days and Derrick Rose representing their crew.

Featuring a song written by Minaj specifically for the video it is vibrant, energetic and embraces the passion and individuality of people across the world whose creativity brings them together.

Set on sidewalks and roads across the world as people represent their crew and exhibit their creativity the video showcases a range of adidas pieces from the more classic solid colours to vibrant and original designs.

The adidas Originals represent campaign will invite consumers all over the world to ‘go all in’ and represent what they are passionate about, on an individual level and as part of a larger group. All content will end up on the website where people can vote for their favourites, that part of the campaign will launch later in the month.

For now it’s enough to check out all of the fantastic addidas items in the video, enjoy the track and see how many of these fashion pieces you would wear.


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