Blu Moose Slippers

Forget your Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos – the must-have footwear this season are Blu Moose feather down slippers.

Blu Moose feather down slippers are like doonas for your feet. Made from 100% feather down, they not only keep feet deliciously warm, but they look fabulous to boot – in cute-as-a-button prints for kids and fashion-forward styles for men and women.

The slippers – called ‘dun sockar’ in Sweden – which translates to ‘doona socks’ – are a household staple in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries and are about to become a must-have here too – with the launch of Blu Moose feather down slippers.

Blu Moose feather down slippers – are the brainchild of Melbourne based Blu Moose founder, Natasha Wells, who first fell in love with the Scandinavian-designed slippers when her Swedish sister-in-law presented her with a pair as a Christmas gift several years ago… she has barely taken them off since.

blu moose slippers

Drawing inspiration from the gift, Natasha undertook research into the slipper market and felt there was a gap in the Australian market place for a fashionable slipper that still delivered on warmth and comfort.

Blu Moose slippers do just that!

Natasha’s vision is clear – she wants to provide the most innovative, fashionable and comfortable slipper on the market.

“I believe that what you wear when no-one is looking, is the most telling fashion statement you can make and that is my inspiration for Blu Moose,’’ she says.

Blu Moose feather down slippers are available in small, medium and large for adults and in various sizes for children aged 6 months to 5-years-old.

RRP: Kids $39.95; Adults $49.95.




If your feet are freezing, the rest of you is usually cold too. If you are looking for the perfect slippers, I have found them!

I have been living in my Blu Moose slippers ever since they arrived. They are cosy and warm, and yes, because they are made from 100% feather and down, they are like wearing doonas on your feet.

They are really soft, look very cute, and I love the fact that they are machine washable. These are the best slippers I have ever worn, and now they are definitely one of my must have items for winter.


The non slip sole means you can walk around the house without ruining your slippers; and the velcro strap ensures a snug fit.
Blu Moose are so unique and keep the warmth in, unlike other slippers which only last a short time.

I recommend them so highly, they are amazing! If you think I’m exaggerating, try them for yourself, you won’t look back.

The Verdict: Fashionably Warm!

View the range, or buy a pair online at:

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