7 Instant Pick Me Ups

It’s not everyday we bounce out of bed looking like a Glamazon. You know how it is, you wake up feeling ordinary and everything goes downhill from there. Here are some quick tips to brighten your work day and start you in an upwards direction.

1. Put on some great perfume.

Don’t spray your everyday stuff, wear something special because you deserve to be treated a little special today.

2. Wear something fun and frivolous. Break out of your regular routine and wear something which will put a smile on your face. Fun earrings or bracelet can be just the cure.

3. Dress up.

Whatever you do on these blue days dress up a little more than usual and treat yourself to the compliments you will receive from others. We all have our standard work clothes and the ones for special days, well wear the special pieces.

4. Don’t get too comfortable.

Your track suit pants may suit your mood but won’t lift you out the blues nor will they help you during the day. Save them for the weekend. Dress up and your mood will lift with it.

5. Wear make-up

Make-up plays a huge part in making us feel better about ourselves and how people see us. Use a little highlighter to lift your cheeks and a touch of concealer to hide the bags under your eyes.

Light pink cremes can effectively be used to create lightness around the eyes that diminishes any sagging and bagging.
Going without just adds to the flat feeling you will have all day.

6. Wear your favourite colour.

Time and time again I write about how we perceive colour but I want you to remember that it still has an effect on how we feel about ourself so if you wear a colour you love you will immediately feel lifted and more the Glamazon you are.

7. Smile

Enjoy and smile it makes everyone look gorgeous

Clare Maxfield is an Image Consultant and author of 3 books. Getting Gorgeous, Getting Handsome and Getting Corporate. Her books can be found in good bookstores or through her website at www.claremaxfield.com.au

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