Camper’s Twins

Camper is a very camp and quirky Spanish footwear brand famous for their ‘Twins’ and it’s time to launch the new ladies Winter Collection.

‘Twins’ are a pair of shoes, each with a subtle difference, which make for an eye-catching pair. For fashionista’s with flair who like their shoes to reflect their individuality then ‘Twins’ are the shoes for you.


This winter’s new range of ‘Twins’ form part of the ‘Extraordinary Crafts’ collection which flaunts the Mediterranean brands exclusive knack of combining imagination and top quality materials.

This eclectic and sometimes slightly eccentric collection will certainly entertain and accessorize fabulous fashion.


Stand-out selections from this creative collection include delicate ballet flats decorated with contrasting flowers, panda mary janes and country cowboy boots each depicting a different western scence.


The Camper’s Winter collection is available from Camper stores in Sydney and Melbourne as well as carious independent stockists.

For more information and a list of stockists please visit the Campers website at:

One thought on “Camper’s Twins

  1. I clicked on a photo in the ad because I couldn’t work out what it was and I got a truly pleasant surprise. I truly love these shoes and imagine that I will buy a lot of them.

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