Deshabille’s Sisterly Love Project

The Sisterly Love Project is a new initiative by Australian sleepwear and loungewear brand Deshabille. Sisterly Love is the title that will cover all of the charity projects the brand is working with.

At the moment they are working with Pink Hope and offer a Pink Hope Breast Cancer Charity Range. The Pink Hope range is in its second year after a positive response to the original range. Pink Hope products are spectacularly pink and very pretty. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of products in this range are donated to Pink Hope. if you would like to know more about Pink Hope you can find them HERE.


The newest Sisterly Love Project is PJ Trade and essentially it means Deshabille are giving you the opportunity to upgrade your sleepwear. It is as simple as downloading and completing the form HERE, sending in a pair of your old PJ’s (in clean and reasonable condition) for donation to St Vincent de Paul Society and Deshabille will trade you for a $30 Deshabille Gift Voucher so you can upgrade.

So what are you waiting for? What better motivation is there than the opportunity for a $30 Gift Voucher to help you purchase your next set of Deshabille sleepwear.


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