FitFlop Due Style Challenge (Plus – WIN a pair)

Let me introduce you to the Due – a leather, ballet flat style addition to the FitFlop range of shoes. Available in navy blue, black or cherry, the Due incorporates a “Biomimetixโ„ข midsole” for an ergonomic and comfortable fit.

When someone throws a shoe challenge my way, what can I say – there is only one answer…yes! The test was to road test a pair of Dues in a colour of choice (this time in black) to discover just how versatile the shoes could be.

My gorgeous sister, H, became involved in the challenge and ended up as the my model for the day. We had some fun and lots of giggles (perhaps due to my less than desirable photography skills and a range of funny poses), and after a few outfit changes we chose our favourites.

On first impressions these may look a little bit like a “work shoe” which they would be ideal for (H says they feel a bit like slippers on your feet) but after mixing and matching you will soon discover they can be worn with just about anything. Dress up or down…and be comfortable the whole time!

Look 1: Dress

These are the Dues with a cute dress, and comes complete with a jumping in the air pose – I told you we were having fun:

And a more serious, relaxing shot – because we can’t all be jumping beans:

Look 2: Jeans

We all have jeans in our cupboard and a good pair of shoes will work with them:

And H declares her love for the brand:

Look 3: Office

This was quite funny dressing H in businesswear as she doesn’t actually work in an office. The Dues would go with a suit or even a skirt.

You can find out more about Due here:

Please show us some love: As part of the challenge, FitFlop will be posting this link to their Facebook page in March. Please keep an eye out for it and “Like” or “Comment” so Beauty and Lace can win the challenge (or at least don’t look terrible with no likes) – we really appreciate your support:

Win a pair: Now, because FitFlop are so amazing – and because we like to spoil our readers, we have a pair of the Due shoes to give away in a colour and size of your choice. For your chance to win, comment below telling us what YOU would wear them with!

Competition closes 28/02/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner!

A few more Terms and Conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– One entry and 3 bonus entries per person.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email.

128 thoughts on “FitFlop Due Style Challenge (Plus – WIN a pair)

  1. I would wear mine with a pair of shorts, bright coloured summery tee, chunky jewellery and a hat, all ready for the beach.

  2. These would look great with my Jag 3/4 length jeans which are short are short enough to really show off these gorgeous shoes!

  3. What would I wear my pair of Due Shoes with??
    I would wear them with STYLE.
    No matter what the clothes I might be wearing its the Due Shoes that will make sure I look stylish.

  4. I would wear these to work as I need to wear flat shoes and they would be so comfortable to wear all day, then if I needed to pop out later wearing my jeans I’d wear them then too. They seem very versatile!

  5. Aside from all the sensible uses for these yummy shoes, can I wear them with my PJ’s all through a lazy weekend?
    Just in case I need to look stylish if the doorbell rings…

  6. As I am looking for work these would be ideal for interviews as FitFlop are a versatile style of shoe that is appropiate for all working situations. And as I am looking for work in the Retail Industry (as hard as that is) I will be on my feet so these shoes will look after my feet, like no others.

  7. They are gorgeous, comfy and versatile, I think I would wear them to work Monday to Friday and team them up with various outfits ie. dress on Monday, pants on Tuesday, skirt on Wednesday, leggings on Thursday, jeans on Friday for example.

  8. Having a very active toddler, I need to wear something that’s comfortable, allows me to be active (chasing him around) and stylish. I’ll wear fit flop with my shift dress and leggings. When the weather is a bit cool, I might throw a scarf or wear something light on top of the dress.

  9. My job involves a lot of walking outdoors and using public transport (I’m a orientation and mobility instructor who works with blind and vision impaired people), so I would love a black pair to wear on work days when I am on the road and out and about!

  10. I would wear these wonderful Duo shoes with everything. Have 2 pairs of Fitflops as due to many foot operations I cannot wear shoes. Hoping these will do the trick & will buy lots of pairs.

  11. i’d wear them for just about anything as i’m too short and it’ll help me to easily reach something at the top of cupboard or just to look a lil taller as my boyfriends stand 6 feet tall and i’m only 5 feet tall, i already got two fitflops for 3 main reason, comfort, stylish, and height! ^_^

  12. OMG they look perfect for me!! Being someone who is completely unco-ordinated, heels are out for me. But finding nice flatish shoes is a nightmare!! I would wear Due with my work clothes, when i’m dressing up to go to dinner, or with jeans & a shirt on the weekend.

  13. Im a jeans girl and think that they would be just the thing to wear wether out for the day or as a little bit of glossiness for my feet at night.

  14. Being a Mum and a relief teacher, I would wear them with jeans on my mum days and work attire on school days!! If they are anything like my FitFlop thongs……they won’t be off my feet : )

  15. I would wear them to work, with my favourite, comfy pants. I have back problems and these shoes look so comfortable to wear anywhere

  16. My collection of jumpsuits with Balinese patterns.
    The shoes would add extra exercise to my pram-pushing routine, hopefully helping me to lose some weight from last pregnancy – 19 months on I’m still fat!

  17. I would wear them with a smile on my face. My wardrobe is full of shoes I’ve bought that have proved to be uncomfortable after a few wears. My new FitFlop Due shoes would be worn with everything I own. Stylish for evening yet comfortable for work, in fact, I’d have a pair in every colour (and a spare pair in the car).

  18. I would wear these comfy looking shoes with my work uniform. I am on my feet all day and these would both look and feel great.

  19. I have a very cute navy pin stripe collared dress from Cue that would match perfectly. This outfit could definitely go from day to night ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. These Fit Flop Dues would lie under my bed and as soon as I had my shower, on they would go whatever I was wearing clothes wise, because foot comfort is the most important thing to me.

  21. I would wear the FitFlop Due red cherry shoes with my red polka dot skirt to add colour and fun on the school pick up. As a mum they would be great to add style to any outfit no matter what the weather.

  22. The Black Leather Duo Fitflop,
    Would make my heart stop!
    In size eleven,
    Would be Heaven!
    With my uniform as a Veterinary Nurse,
    With my sore feet I just want to curse.
    Versatile enough to also wear on outings,
    With a pair of jeans, a skirt, dress or anything!
    Thank you Fitflop and Beauty & Lace,
    These shoes are perfect for my taste!

  23. I would wear these super gorgeous comfy and I say comfy with ultimate joy! shoes with jeans,dresses & everything!!

    Size 6 & 1/2 Black

  24. I would wear them to work, with my black skirts and corporate shirts. I think these shoes would look great also on causual Fridays with jeans and a shirt.

  25. They are such nice shoes I’d love to show them off by matching a cherry pair with a shortish leather skirt and a sheer blouse then go to a music gig in pure comfort.

  26. More to the point what wouldn’t I wear them with, they would go with everything in my wardrobe and my feet would be comfortable everywhere

  27. Since I can only wear flats I would just wear them with everything. I would love the cherry pair since red is my favourite colour; but I guess black is more universal.

  28. Carry drinks, schmooze a politician: at functions, I don’t get a chance to relax. A pair of Hot Cherry Due would add comfort and fun to my reliable but serviceable formal black dress.

  29. I have and LOVE my fit flop thongs, but alas I can not wear them to the office, my feet hate work days, so to wear fit flop Due to work will be absolutely awesome!!!

  30. I love the look of these shoes and I would wear them with…..anything!

    Comfortable and attractive shoes are like your best friend – they go everywhere with you and when they don’t you think of them anyway!

  31. These would be ideal with my 3/4 casual black pants – high heels are too dressy and thongs or flat sandals make my pants too casual. Due, in black of course, would look smart!

  32. love love love them they look fantasticly comfortable and would go with anything- black for work or play I would wear for both.. hot hot hot cherry = awesome but I must admit blue is my favorite colour might have to get one of each colour! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I cant wear heels due to breaking my ankle a few years ago and stylish flats are hard to find. I would wear these to a close friends big party coming up next month- pergfect for the little black dress! size 9 and blck i think

  34. Versatile for use most anywhere,
    With jeans, dresses, skirts and pants,
    When dancing, working or standing on ants!
    Flip Flop ballet flats look great

  35. I’d gift these shoes to my daughter. She’s off to Europe soon, and would be able to wear them with all her holiday outfits from the casual to dressy. Her feet will be comfortable as she walks and explores all the countries she visits.

  36. I’d gift these shoes to my daughter. She’s off to Europe soon, and would be able to wear them with all her holiday outfits from the casual to dressy. No sore feet as she walks and explores all the sights in the countries she visits.

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