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Fitted for Work has just announced the launch of their major fundraising campaign, the 2012 Annual Appeal – the courage campaign.

This year Fitted for Work is aiming to raise $150,000 through the Annual Appeal courage campaign to continue their much needed programs which include a personal dressing service, intensive interview preparation and a free work-ready outfit.

7500 women have had their lives transformed by Fitted for Work since 2005, the assistance they were provided came in the forms of appropriate clothing for interviews, transition to work and mentoring programs. 350,000 women in Australia are registered as unemployed and campaigns like the 2012 Annual Appeal assist Fitted For Work in their mission to help those women gain employment, and keep it.

The theme of this year’s campaign is courage because all clients of the organisation, despite the hardships they have faced, share a depth of courage that makes them inspirational.

Fitted for Work is a not-for-profit organisation committed to help women build the confidence and self-esteem required to realise their goals of sustainable employment and financial independence.

The story of our 2012 Annual Appeal Client Ambassador, Karyn, is an example of the real positive impact that the support offered by Fitted for Work can have. Karyn was trapped in an abusive relationship for many years. By the time she found the courage to leave, she had lost her self-confidence and felt very uncertain about her future. The workplace is often not kind to women returning to work or women who have been unemployed for a long time. It takes courage to put yourself forward for interviews when the odds are stacked against you.

“I was dressed by Fitted for Work in a great outfit. I left the boutique with a real boost of self-esteem and confidence. The interviewers said I was the best presented of all the candidates. I got the job and started work on the Spirit of Tasmania almost immediately. For me it is the job of my dreams! My experience at Fitted for Work was a real turning point in my life. I will never forget what they did for me.” – Karyn, Fitted for Work Client and 2012 Annual Appeal Client Ambassador

Government support only accounts for 2% of Fitted for Work’s funding and a massive 30% is gained from private donations. Much of the remaining income is donated by individuals, trusts and foundations, and there is the organisations social enterprise Dear Gladys which generates income from retail sales.

The last year has seen 120 women assisted through the Transition to Work program and 2204 serviced in the boutique.

The cost to provide these services:

– The FFW boutique costs $110 per client and provides personal dressing and outfitting services
– Transition to Work costs $2,400 for one woman to go through the program
The benefit of providing these services:
– 75% of Fitted for Work clients are successfully employed within three months.

All of the Fitted for Work services, which also include a Mentoring and Work Readiness Program, the Migrant and Refugee program and Women Exiting Prison program, are free for disadvantaged women.

“Fitted for Work helps women experiencing disadvantage to get work and keep it. We provide the means, but it’s the women who find the courage to put themselves forward for interviews after many setbacks.” – Fitted for Work CEO Jane Hunt

Fitted for Work is a national organisation with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Morwell.

To find out more about Fitted for Work and to get involved please visit:

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