National Little Black Dress Day: 6 September 2013

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Fitted for Work is a not-for-profit organisation working to empower women and assist them returning to the workplace. Fitted For Work is largely volunteer run and the first Australian company of its kind. Fitted for Work provide interview-appropriate clothing that has been donated to women facing disadvantages, also offering a range of mentoring and transition to work programs that are designed to help women develop the confidence and skills to achieve sustainable employment. The services of Fitted for Work have changed the lives of 12,500 women since 2005.

National Little Black Dress Day is the latest initiative, a joint project with Australian design house and retailer David Lawrence which was launched on August 12 and designed to help raise funds for the important services Fitted for Work provides.

“On Friday September 6, we want every Australian woman to wear a little black dress,” said Megan Quinn, LBD Day Ambassador and a Co-Founder of the mega successful online shopping site, NET-A-PORTER.

Anthony Cuthbertson is the David Lawrence Creative Director and he has designed an exclusive little black dress for LBD Day as part of the ‘David Lawrence Initiative’. The dress is divine and has been available in-store and online since the 12th of August.

FFW LBD Day_DL Initiative Dress

All of the profits will be directed to Fitted for Work to help the organisation continue empowering women into the workforce.

“Approaching the design of the Little Black Dress, I wanted to focus on a timeless silhouette that is flattering whilst empowering women in order to help them find the confidence they need to secure employment,” explained Anthony Cuthbertson.

There are two simple ways to get involved with National Little Black Dress Day. For those who find they need a new LBD you can buy the David Lawrence dress and wear it on September 6th, or you can wear one of the LBD’s already in residence in your cupboard and donate to Fitted For Work.

CEO of Fitted for Work, Jane Hunt said the partnership was a perfect synergy with the core values of her organisation: “David Lawrence produces modern corporate clothing for working women and we are delighted they have partnered with us,” Ms Hunt said.

“We are hoping this little black dress is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial partnership with David Lawrence.

“I urge all Australian women to join us on Friday September 6 to celebrate the style of the LBD and the contribution women make across workplaces.”

To find out more about this fabulous initiaitive, and Fitted for Work please head over to Little Black Dress Day, Fitted for Work or David Lawrence.

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