Mossimo Turns 25!

Back in 1986  University student in California named Mossimo Gianulli began making volleyball tees and shorts in his garage and selling them along the coast. The youthful, beachy fashions became a huge success and 25 years later the Mossimo brand is still going strong.

When asked to look back, Mossimo Gianulli said,

“Some things are just part of who you are: things you can’t imagine living without. When I started Mossimo back in 1986 it just made sense to be making clothes my friends and I liked: clothes that fit the way we live!
25 years on and it still feels right”.

mossimo 25

Yes, that’s right – our beloved Mossimo is turning 25, and this is a milestone the company will be celebrating with us. They will be releasing a very special 25th Anniversary capsule collection for Myer and other selected retail stores.

For men, Mossimo will be going back to it’s roots with the “M” beach volleyball short which was part of the original inspiration for the brand. You will also find printed tees, shorts and even more tailored pieces to reflect the most recent collections.

For the women the brand is embracing brights, neons and florals as well as coloured denim.

To get your little piece of Mossimo history, visit your local Myer store.

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