My Sister Pat at Lark

As we continue on our hunt for bathing suits for summer, we will now focus on something a little bit different. If you have ever shopped at Lark, you will know it is a craft lovers dream. Everything is handmade, but in a cool retro kind of way.

Now we know you have probably ditched this window and are browsing frantically at Lark, but please come back and let us finish!

These swimsuits from My Sister Pat (look in Accessories if you are having trouble finding them) are handmade in Victoria from vintage fabrics. From a time when curves were “in” (although we think they still are”), the designs are extremely flattering than your itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, bikini.

Shoot for Margie Delahenty Spencer

Shoot for Margie Delahenty Spencer

Shoot for Margie Delahenty Spencer

They come fully lined and will set you back $180. Now you just need a pair of bright red heels and a splash of lipstick and you will feel instantly transported back in time.

3 thoughts on “My Sister Pat at Lark

  1. i have purchased 2 most beautiful swimsuits and just cannot understand why they are not more widely recognised: Proudly Aussie made and so feminine. By the way Lark do not stock them anymore as apparently they only wanted to stock polka dot and this label is just so much more .I am in awe of this most beautiful label and the designer Rosemary is just so approachable. warm and honest. rare to find these days

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