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Kelly Love is one of the years most anticipated designers and she has just released her new collection, a big hit with global celebrities. We asked her a few questions to learn a little more about the designer behind the designs.

What can you tell us about the Kelly Love brand?

Kelly Love is a ready to wear womenswear label that focuses on femininity, clean lines and subtle details. The ladylike shapes are given a point of difference by quirky prints which are exclusive to the label. I like the vintage look, and using lace and other luxe fabrics like silk & leather.

How has your work in Japan and with Japanese designers influenced the designs you have created for the Kelly Love brand?

The Japanese style is quite similar to my own in the way that is very clean yet stands out due to prints and finishes. I did work experience with Akira Isogawa when I completed my studies and he has such a simple yet beautiful way of creating his pieces. My time spent living in Japan tends to weave its way into my collections even when it is not done consciously.

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Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration often comes from places you would least expect. I usually come up with a concept at the start of the collection and base everything around this. This concept can originally start from anything from a picture I see somewhere, to a song, to past eras such as the 1930’s and 1960’s -1970’s, vintage wallpaper, fabrics, textures, travelling, Japanese & Parisian fashion, antique furniture, folk music…anything!

What can you tell us about your current collection ‘Song of the Rainbird’?

The collection is called Song of the Rainbird and is inspired by the 1960’s and the correlation between muses of fallen rock stars and beautiful birds in cages. The collection is made up of exclusive prints on heavily sand washed silk, painted fur and mohair, which give texture.  The wool and suede that I use add a luxe appeal to my collection.

Can you tell us a bit about your collaboration with Nova’s Basement and how that lead to the birth of the ‘Song of the Rainbird’ collection?

Originally as the collection was based around music, I wrote the lyrics to a song called Rainbird which inspired the whole collection. The up and coming band Nova’s Basement then wrote music to and recorded the song. The song is now sold on i-tunes and more info can be seen at

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How did you choose the colour palette for the collection?

The colour palette includes French navy, contrasting black against white & dusky grey punctuated by pops of dark fuchsia and olive. I chose black prints on white to give a really luxe look that was easy to wear and I wanted the whole collection to look quite mysterious. I then included fuchsia as I knew it would be a big colour for the season.

What made you relocate to London?

I launched the label at the New Generation show of Australian Fashion Week and moved to the UK soon after. I had always wanted to live in London and am so inspired by travelling which I can do so easily over here. The industry is much bigger so although there is more competition there is also more opportunity. Australian designers are doing really well – I think we have that quirky aesthetic that the UK tends to like. To be honest though it doesn’t really matter where you are, with the internet and most PR and sales agents working globally, you can reach out to so many countries from anywhere.

What’s next for Kelly Love?

There are a lot of exciting things happening at the moment – I am a semi-finalist in the Venture Candy competition, I have also applied for the Grazia Fash Factor, and am in discussion with a well known retailer on stocking the label. I have also just finished my SS12 collection so stay tuned!

Where can we buy Kelly Love pieces?

I have an online store on my website at, ASOS Marketplace and Independent Boutiques. All of these sites offer worldwide delivery.

What does being a woman mean to you?

It means having opportunities that our grandmothers or even mothers would never have been given and really taking advantage of them. No matter what generation we live in though the best part of being a woman is female friendships and all that comes with it, getting the chance to juggle different things throughout our lives and getting to dress up every day if you’re so inclined.

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