Pretty Dresses from Gosh Celebrity Fashion

Gosh Celebrity Fashion ( let you look like a celebrity for a fraction of the cost. Being the start of Spring, we are snubbing pants and jackets and obsessing over pretty dresses:

Say “Hello Blair Waldorf” with the Society Dress from Finders Keepers:

society dress

(RRP: $119)

Honey and Beau – we love you, with this Vivaldi Silk Dress in a pretty shade of lavender. Dance the night away or hat it up for a day at the races. Spring Carnival here we come:

viv dress

(RRP: $149)

This Honey and Beau Bellona Kaftan also comes in a longer version, but it’s hot (well not yet but it will be) and our legs are tanned…ok, but you can wear pants if you want to!!


(RRP: $129)

Check out Gosh Celebrity for these and more!

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