Profile: Billy Dream

Billy Dream Sleepwear pride themselves on being a 100% cotton, Australian Made brand. The pair behind Billy Dream are Deborah and David who are in fact aunt and nephew.

We spoke to the duo to find out more about the Billy Dream brand:

Where did the name BillyDream come from?

Co-Founder, David Bennett’s middle name is William, therefore his nickname has always been “Billy”. When developing the final name for our label, we felt BillyDream reflected both who we are, and what we do given the association of “dream”ing with sleep.

What made you decide to focus on sleepwear?

We felt the sleepwear market was poorly serviced by both a lack of variety, and limited labels. After some research we found consumers wanted to see a return to classical styles in their pyjamas combined with fashionable and quality prints. From there, we discovered after costing our range we could offer a quality Australian made product at around the same price as our competitors who offshore manufacture offshore.


What does your slogan ‘Sleepwear with Love’ mean?

Given the majority of our products are handmade here in Australia, we wanted to convey to a market full of products made on mass offshore that we’re the ‘made with love’ alternative, and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy our label. So we developed our brand around a promise to provide ‘sleepwear with love’.

What makes your range different?

Classic styles mixed with timeless, yet fashionable quality fabrics – the majority of which are locally made without the higher prices.

How did it all get started?

After a visit to a competitors store and realising we could do better!

As family, what is it like working so closely together?

We can talk open and honestly with one another without the political correctness which consumes corporate offices these days. It helps cut through the BS!

What individual roles do you play in the company?

As has been for generations in our family, Deb’s background has always been in clothing manufacturing (for over 30 years), therefore she’s focused on the manufacturing side while David’s background is in marketing so he takes care of all things branding, website, advertising, and so on. Both always come together when considering new designs, etc.

What will we see as part of your summer collection?

A return to a style we had in our debut range last summer which is our 3/4 pant. This was popular among ladies who prefer some cover to below the knees, but not full length to avoid overheating! We will also be combining some long pant options with singlets, as well as introducing a new range of night dresses which are truly stunning. Everything is new, and there is lots to select from!

Where do you get your inspiration?

Primarily from knowing what our customers like most from previous ranges, and improving from there….

What does being a designer mean to you?

Creating something for an individual that will not only provide them comfort and long lasting satisfaction, but inspire them to simply be themselves through your creation.

Where can we find your sleepwear?

Online at and selected boutiques around Australia.

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