Westfield Insider: The Final 3

Westfield have narrowed down the list of applicants for their Insider position – and now it is up to the public to decide “Who is Australia’s Savviest Shopper?”

The winner of the dream job position will bring the latest and greatest shopping news and tips to Australians and receive a very generous salary!

So who are the final 3?

We have Alyce, Samnang & Brooke, and before you start voting, take a look at this short video which gives you some extra information about the three finalists:

By hopping over to the Westfield website you can vote for your favourite, there are 10 gift cards for voters on offer valued at $5000 each!

Good luck! Visit www.westfield.com.au for more information and to place your vote!

8 thoughts on “Westfield Insider: The Final 3

  1. I think that I would choose Samnang as he has an eye for fashion and bargains. I think he would be very budget concious. When you want to look good but have a limited budget he would be more helpful.
    A males opinion is sometimes easier accepted than another womans. Some women are too scared to tell another women that something doesn’t suit them and some women don’t like criticism from another woman, but would accept it from a man.
    At the end of the day you want to walk away with something that will make you look and feel good.

  2. I loved Brooke, she really wants to appeal to all age groups, she realises its not necessarily just young people looking for bargain wardrobes and really wants to give everyone of every age the opportunity to experience savvy shopping at its best.
    The other two sounded great, but not everyone feels comfortable with someone quite young giving them advice, where bROOKE SEEMS COMPOSED, PASSIONATE AND APPEALING TO A WIDE RANGE OF PEOPLE

  3. Brooke, she is a savvy sensational shopper who wants what all women want, i wouldnt feel comfortable with Samnang as not all women would want a man peering over their shoulder no matter what sexuality, and Alyce to me seems a little too sure of herself and not as tuned into the demographic

  4. With out a doubt, I would choose Samnang, just from that short clip I could see he has flair, he comes across as someone who would be alot of fun to go shopping with and to me that is what shopping and fashion is all about! the fact that Samnang is not afraid to find a bargain was what really won me over, there is no place in my shopping bag for fashion snobbery! Go Samnang!!!

  5. I wold choose Brooke as the Westfield Fashion Insider as she has the strong background skills neccesary for the job. In her bio she has a background with working and presenting in the media, in particular the area of fashion. She also has experience working with stylists and photographers which wold be invalable in this role She projects herself confidently and with poise which is needed to be the face of such a large company as Westfield. She also wants to deal with a large cross section of buyers, and as a person who has frequented Westfield the range of shoppers in an centre is as diverse in age , sex and ethnicity as our population.

  6. I really would LOVE to see Alyce win. She’s young yes, but she’s also very experienced. I’ve seen her dress someone in their 40s, 30s and we all know she’s great at dressing the younger ones too. Love the fact that she’s pretty savvy – not just about discounts BUT also great at giving suggestions on fashion items we just would NOT have thought of re-fashioning. So I really WANT Alyce to win! 🙂

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