Spare Soles – Ballet Flats

“For those nights when your feet have had enough but you haven’t”

There is nothing worse than wanting to stay out late, but your feet are so sore from your new high heels that you couldn’t possibly walk another step. When I heard there was a solution (and no, walking around barefoot is NOT the answer), I couldn’t wait to share it with our readers.

Spare Soles are portable flats that roll up neatly and are stored in a “matching wristlet purse”. These are the most girly design – Spare Soles are gorgeous ballerina style flats with a cute jewelled bow on each one.

They are lightweight and the carry purse can fit in your handbag. Now you can be spontaneous and go for after work drinks…put on your super cute silver Spare Soles and use the carry purse instead of your bulky day bag.

I love this idea, and Spare Soles are surprisingly durable; you wouldn’t want to go rock climbing but they are perfect for walking and dancing the night away.

These also make a great choice for brides, after a long day and blistered feet, slip on a pair and enjoy your night. They are a comfortable choice – soft flexi ballet slippers that you can hand wash if you need to. Spare Soles are well priced so you can replace them as necessary and you can have a set in each colour, black or silver.

Love, love, love!

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