Bandelettes – Anti Chafing Thigh Bands

As we enter into the summer months there are many women out there who dread wearing a dress or skirt due to chafing and irritation caused by the skin rubbing in their inner thighs. This may be a problem which sufferers find embarrassed to discuss, but there is no need to worry any longer because we have found a solution.

Bandelettes are designed to be worn around your upper thighs to eliminate chafing and rubbing. They are unique because they are both functional and pretty, and look similar to those thigh high stockings, just without the actual stockings!


They are made from “high-quality and delicately crafted stretchy lace”, making them not only comfortable but a cute accessory as well. You can be sure they will stay in place all day long as Bandelettes come with silicone backing to prevent them from moving or slipping.

An innovative brand, Bandelettes is addressing a common concern and allowing women to enjoy the hotter weather in summer dresses and skirts.


If you are considering purchasing, it is important to ensure you get the correct size for optimum comfort so please follow their measuring instructions on the website.

Bandelettes are trademarked and patent pending. The brand is located in NY but ship internationally.

To find out more or to purchase, please visit:

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