Tengdahl S/S Collection – Forever Young

The Tengdahl Forever Young spring/summer collection was unveiled at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival this week. The latest collection of renowned Brisbane designer Julie Tengdahl utilises a special series of fabrics that took 10 years to see the light.

Julie Tengdahl and artist Jacqui Conias have been working together for a decade on a series of new luxury textiles with more to offer than you can catch in a glance. The fabrics are limited edition and have converted Ms Conias’ insightful artworks into patterns before printing them on silk and georgette.

LA dress in sea with couture cotton detailing $599 low res

“The connection between art and fashion is intimate and powerful, both provide women with a meaningful way to conveying who they are, what they stand for and who they want to be,” Ms Tengdahl said.

Close inspection reveals that what appeared as tiny dots on the runway were actually tiny reproductions of Ms Conias’ portraits. Earlier this year the portraits were auctioned as a fundraiser for the RBWH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to purchase a milk bank freezer. A cause close to Ms Conias’ heart because the unit saved her daughter’s life after she was born prematurely at 27 weeks.

“I am excited by the potential for these paintings – which have such personal significance for me – to find another form in wearable art; their incorporation into Tengdahl’s designs further celebrates their original purpose, which was to interpret the power and strength of femininity,” Ms Conias said.

Racquel top in silk gorgette $399 and Cotton candy capri pants $259 low res

These prints, exclusive to Tengdahl also feature hand written quotes set out in modern geometric designs that intrigue as well as inspire, combine that with Tengdahl’s signature lace, silk and luxuriously embellished textiles and you have a collection that catches the eye, the heart and the imagination.

“This collection is the essence of Tengdahl; uniquely feminine yet modern and sophisticated,” Ms Tengdahl said.

The Tengdahl label has been described by Ms Tengdahl as “the antithesis of fast fashion”, it has been producing handmade designs for the past 15 years from her Brisbane workroom.

Tucked silk maxi skirt in aqua $489 with classic singlet $35 and lime print scarf $129 low res

“Now more than ever its important for women to understand where their fashion comes from; how the fabrics are made and sourced, and the quality and conditions under which the pieces are made – there’s a significance behind each garment’s story; how it’s conceived and crafted,” she said.

The Tengdahl spring/summer collection is available in the Emporium and Brisbane Arcade stores from the 30th August as well as online at www.tengdahl.com.

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