FitFlop Me! Competition

You all know that here at Beauty and Lace we LOVE FitFlop; for their funk, fashion and functionality. We recently hosted a competition where you could win a pair of FitFlop YOKO’s. Today we go one better and bring you information on a new FitFlop promotion being run via their Facebook page where you could win TEN pairs of new season styles.

Can you even imagine the joy you could bring with TEN pairs of new season FitFlops, and they are your choice so you could share, gift or just stock up on your very own FitFlop collection.

How do we get in with a chance at these TEN pairs of FitFlops I hear you yell…. It’s as easy as visually capturing your dream FitFlop outfit, one that completely screams YOU and posting it to the FitFlop Australia Facebook page.


This dream outfit can be your favourite outfit with FitFlops, an exotic location in FitFlops or a fabulous foot shot. This could be FitFlops from a previous season, new season FitFlops or even your fantasy pair of FitFlops. Your entry can be submitted in the form of a photo, a mood board or even a sketch.

The most creative entry embodying the FitFlop culture will be awarded TEN pairs of new season FitFlops, but that’s not all… there will also be incentive prizes awarded throughout for fabulous entries.

Entries must be posted to the FitFlop Australia facebook page by Monday November 25 to be eligible and the fans will decide who deserves the title by a show of Likes.

If you need a little inspiration head over to and check out the new season range.

2 thoughts on “FitFlop Me! Competition

  1. These are the best looking flip flops i have seen and they look so comfortable. They can go from day to night without any trouble. Great for the hot weather. I would love a pair of these as I have arthritis and they would be so easy to wear. As they have support. And they look amazing and would go with any out fit be it jeans or a nice dress, just love these flipp flops

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