Diva Military Collection

Left, right, left…Diva are getting out the khakis and browns with statement pieces that will bring out the army babe in all of us.

diva military
At Diva prices you can afford to mix and match, and layer your military style accessories for an alternative and sexy look.

military diva

This bead-a-lic-ious necklace will set you back just $24.99

military diva
A necklace that is a little more tough chick, Indiana Jones anyone? This has an RRP of $19.99

military divaA “charming” little number with a nice twist of peace. And guess what? It is just $12.99

military divaThese bracelets are $14.99 and are a little bit bohemian.

military divaFinish with this chunky ring and you have your Military look in the bag – this one is $14.99

For these designs and more, visit your local Diva store or check out their website at: www.diva.net.au

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