High Heel Repairs and Maintenance

High heels are a lot of things: flattering, timeless, feminine, beautiful . . . but one description most pairs fail to be is “sturdy.” Yes, many of us have had the experience of wearing our new Jimmy Choos for a few quick strolls or nights out, only to find the tip of the heel worn away and those the toes scuffed up. Fortunately, with quality care you can keep your shoes looking almost brand new for years to come.  All you need is some basic supplies, time and a little dedication.

Your first step should begin at the point of purchase. A quality pair of heels should have a matching polish available at the shoe store. If the shoes are suede, you want to buy a good quality suede protector since this material can become scratched quickly, particularly in the toe area. If you get mud on them, don’t panic. Leave them to dry overnight and then brush it off with a stiff suede brush (a nail brush is a viable option in a pinch).

In order to increase the lifespan, put some thought into how shoes are stored.  They should be kept in a place where they are not exposed to dust, dampness, sunlight, or animals (nobody is happy when their new shoes turn into chew toys). The best place to house shoes is in their original box or, for organizational purposes, in a box with a photo of each shoe on the front. If you’re short on closet space, opt for a space-saving high heel rack. Lastly, to keep shoes in good shape and avoid creases in the leather while in storage, keep the toes stuff with tissue paper when you are not wearing the shoe.

High Heel Repairs

The first area of footwear to become damaged is often the heel, so you should always have a good cobbler in your contacts list. The good news is that this part of the shoe can be inexpensively repaired. If your shoes are beginning to wear and you do not get them reheeled, eventually the heel will start to wear down to the plastic and metal spike; this is much more difficult to repair. Keeping up with regular maintenance will avoid this problem. Professionals can also easily reattach a broken heel in the event that your heel snaps.

If you plan to have a pair of heels for years, they are likely to start to smell. There are tons of shoe disinfectants online and at your local store, but you can also apply a mixture of dissolved corn flour, baking soda and essential oil effortlessly eliminates the odor.

On a final note, be smart about where you are wearing your shoes. For example, suede shoes do not make the best shoes to go for a walk in the rain, and your favorite stilettos may not be wise to wear to a backyard BBQ where the heel can sink into the earth and snap. Plus, let’s be honest, most fancy stilettos are not designed to handle miles of hard cement and cobblestone. An easy solution is to keep a pair of feminine sandals or flats readily available in your office drawer or purse for you to easily slide off and on. An added benefit is that there are many attractive wedges and sandals that offer arch support, a beneficial health benefit that most high heels lack. Not only will you be giving your stilettos a break, but you’ll be doing the same for your feet as well.

Just like you would sew a button back on your favorite dress and not wear it to play a game of softball, your high heels should be shown the same consideration. A little tender, love and care can take your shoes for miles, so invest in their wellbeing to get the biggest bang for your bucks.

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