Profile: Chip Chop! (Hannah)

Describing herself as “the fun babysitter when the parents are out”, Hannah Chipkin, 25, is the brainchild behind the new Australian label, Chip Chop!

Having completed a degree in Visual Communication at Sydney’s UTS and following a path in graphic design and copywriting, Hannah went in search of a career that combined both skill-set – however was hard-luck to find the perfect combination.

But all clouds have a silver lining. Thanks to one too many parking tickets received during this time, Hannah, to put it nicely, had formed a massive dislike for parking inspectors. She had also started forming some ideas of her own.

dont be afraid to put the heater on in winter

To cut a long story short, Hannah felt that there might be a market for her prankster humour and bold prints, so she pulled on her creative talents and launched Chip Chop! – a business venture that allowed her free expression of the quirky, irritable and loving emotions that life brings.

As a stranger to fashion design, but a good feel for style, Hannah’s used the ‘no rules’ approach to business, which has meant that her range has flowed in line with her creativity – often ad hoc, spur of the moment, and completely ingenious.

chip Chop!

B&L: How did you get started?

Hannah: I received my gazillionth parking fine in the mail. Suddenly I was fueled with angry thoughts about parking inspectors and I started writing them down like a wild woman. Anger soon turned to humour and I saw that I could make something from my moments of madness.

The next step was to share them with the world. ‘Nobody Panic I Know Origami and Pilates’ was born.

B&L: Where did the name Chip Chop! come from?

Hannah: My surname is Chipkin.

B&L: How would you describe the fashion in Melbourne?

Hannah: Tres cool. Lots of black. Loads of skinny jeans, good boots, cool t-shirts and vintage sunnies.

B&L: How do you come up with the cute slogans for your bags?

Hannah: Silly puns and rhymes. I also had a short lived career in copywriting for advertising, so that helps, I guess.

B&L: What is your motto?

Hannah: Don’t be afraid to put the heater on in winter.

B&L: What will you be wearing this Spring/Summer?

Hannah: My new range and a wedding dress (March 30).

B&L: How would you describe your range?

Hannah: I do key pieces and keep the collection small but tight. They always tell a story. Last season it was Le Touriste. This season, let’s just say we’re getting back to our ancient roots.

B&L: Have you always wanted to be a designer?

Hannah: Not always. In fact for a long time, the thing I really wanted to do was be a travel agent. I’m serious. One day I hope to actually do it.

B&L: Does your range reflect your personality, easy going and fun perhaps?

Hannah: Not most of the time. I am actually a stress head, obsessively organised and an annoying perfectionist. But in saying that, after a few drinks I like to create a little bit of chaos and confusion (my idea of fun)…

B&L: What is different about your collection?

Hannah: Things have to have a reason to be part of my range. As whimsical and silly they may be, there is a purpose to their presence.

In fact my mission statement when starting out was to create ‘Meaningful Nonsense’. I also think there is a distinct aesthetic to my designs- something people are connecting to.

B&L: What 3 beauty products would we find in your bag?

Hannah: Kiehls Lip Balm #1, clear nail polish and bobby pins.

B&L: Whats next for Chip Chop!?

Hannah: A lot. I’m going to need an assistant…and a mini bar.

B&L: Where can we purchase your range?

Hannah: Through our online store and also at select boutiques Australia and NZ wide.

B&L: What does being a woman mean to you?

Hannah: Getting an absolute kick out of having my eyebrows waxed.

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