How to be Sexy This Autumn

Autumn can be tough. The mornings are getting darker; the evenings are starting earlier and depending on your work, you may have days where you don’t actually see any sunlight. This, combined with cold and miserable weather can leave you feeling depressed. When you feel this way, it can be exceptionally easy to go home, put your sweats on and sit in front of the TV all night. While this is fine every now and then, after a while, it can really knock your confidence.

It’s hard to feel sexy when you spend most of your time in either work clothes or pyjamas, your skin’s sore, you’ve got a cold, and you’re always covered up in large coats. However, spending some time looking after yourself and doing things that make you feel attractive can boost your mood and confidence and make the cold weather a little less depressing. Even when it’s raining.

Ditch the Boots

While boots are obviously essential over the colder months, especially when it’s wet or snowy, try not to wear them all of the time. If you are going to a party or out for a meal and you’re going to be mainly inside, throw on a new pair of high heels. High heels make you stand straighter, hold yourself better, highlight the shape of your legs and all the right curves. What could be sexier?

Add Some Color

Many of us get trapped in the same colour scheme. Suddenly black, grey or navy has taken over your whole wardrobe and makes up most of all of your outfits. It’s dull and uninspiring. Adding some colour to your wardrobe is an excellent way to mix things up and make you look and feel better.

While it can be tempting to stick to safe autumnal or festive colours such as copper, burgundy, and mustard, you don’t have to. There’s no rule that brighter colours are only for summer. Bright yellow or red rain coats can look incredibly cool and bring some cheer and sex appeal to even the dullest of days.

Change Your Hair

We often try new things in the summer, when we’re on holiday and don’t know anyone. It can take guts to try something new at home. This is the time to take a chance. Be bold. Add some curls, go straight, get a sexy pixie cut or try an entirely different colour. Reds are popular in the winter, but remember, anything goes, and hair always grows back.

Try a Bright Lipstick

Bright red lipstick really stands out in autumn against the backdrop of dull weather and big boring coats. Try a shade you wouldn’t usually wear. Be brave.


A confident smile is one of the sexiest things there is. Stand tall, throw your shoulders back and smile. Especially on those days where you don’t feel remotely sexy. It’ll make you feel good about yourself.

Autumn doesn’t need to be drab and dull. It can be fun, sexy and sophisticated and so can you with a few tiny changes. So, have some fun, be bold and enjoy yourself.

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