Interview: Nyree Corby (Fame and Partners)

Nyree Corby is one of the founders of Fame and Partners, a new online shopping destination to help young ladies get the shopping experience they crave in the lead up to their formals. We were fortunate to find out a little more about the woman and the brainchild in this recent interview.

Hi Nyree, thanks for talking to us today and welcome to Beauty and Lace.
Can you tell us a little about your career before Fame & Partners?

Hi Michelle, Before Fame and Partners I spent 14 years in E Commerce and I also worked on various Tech ventures. I founded my first company at 21 which was a consulting business and then my second – a digital media agency when I was 24. In total I have founded four businesses and in 2008 I won the Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year Award for NSW.

What inspired you to create Fame & Partners?

My business partner Sayaka and I wanted to start Fame and Partners for a number of reasons. First of all we wanted to start a digital business that helps teens personalise their look for their formal. I remember the challenging shopping experience that I had when I went to my formal- in particular the incredibly limited range. We are not about telling girls to blindly copy what their favourite celeb wears on the red carpet – not at all! Our aim is to inspire girls to develop their style profile, and find a look that they feel comfortable in and that reflects their personality.

We help girls with this by posting mood boards, top celebrity inspired looks, up to date blogs on current trends and we are about to launch a Clash feature which tells girls if another girl from her school has bought a dress that is on her wish list. We wanted to create an on-trend, interactive site that allows girls to personalise their own look. We also want to help girls get their foot in the door in the fashion industry if that is a dream of theirs. Our Trendsetter Career Program offers Digital Fashion Stylist and Style Consultant roles to help teens kickstart their careers in Fashion.

Can you tell us a little about Fame & Partners, what services you offer and what styles you stock?

Fashions on Fame and Partners are inspired by the best of red carpet fashion, we aim to bring the world of celebrity – feeling celebrated and appreciated – to teenage girls via quality designs, luxe-feel fabrics, and high level customer service.

Our collection ranges in price from $79 to $399. We offer the tools and advice to ensure girls look and feel their best on their special night.

We start with a Style Quiz to help determine your style profile, followed by access to your very own Personalised Boutique. Detailed styling notes are available for each dress and for those who would like extra attention personal stylists are just a live chat away. We’re focused on encouraging girls to develop their own style profile, and dress in a way that reflects their personality and makes them feel comfortable and confident – both for their formal, and their day-to-day outfits. We have dresses to suit all body shapes, and our Style Quiz helps determine which dresses are best for which shapes. We also offer custom options and soon we will be launching our Clash Feature to prevent two girls showing up to the same formal in the same dress.


Fame & Partners has a teen target audience, how are you helping them beyond a new outfit?

We are launching a Trendsetter Career Program which offers Digital Fashion Stylist and Style Consultant roles to help teens kickstart their careers in Fashion. We will also be taking on Highschool Trendsetters as our ‘Fashion Mavens’ – their role will be to share their inspirations behind their formal planning and report on the best dressed and trends from that year

What can you tell us about the style quiz?

Girls complete an interactive quiz which records the celebrities looks and styles that they look up to, their size, body shape, favourite colours etc. At the end of the quiz, the unique algorithm that we have on the site creates a personalised boutique for the teenage girl in question with the best options for her based on her preferences

How would you describe your style?

Bohemian Glamour with an edgy splash

What would you say is one of the ultimate must have items for every girls wardrobe?

A staple piece that you feel comfortable wearing. A Basic is always good because you can dress it up with jackets, vests, clothes, shoes etc.

A lot of the pieces and styles are celebrity inspired, can you tell us who your style icon is?

I love Isabel Lucas, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, the Olsen Twins and of course KATE MOSS!

What is your favourite accessory?

I love bangles and chunky rings

What does being a woman mean to you?

“Every woman is a product of the world she creates. Your only limitation and your biggest opportunity is you”. This quote first appreared in the Camilla ‘Women of the World’ book.

Thank you very much for your time Nyree, what a wonderful service to provide.

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