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Winter is here and it is starting to get chilly, though we are still having some gorgeous days. It’s the early mornings and the evenings that are a tad icy.

It’s lovely to snuggle up with a book and a blankie on a cold winter afternoon. The wind and rain blustering outside, you know the sound – it makes you cold just listening to it. It’s so snuggly and cozy. UNTIL you get up to make a cuppa, or grab a snack and as soon as you move you’re chilled again.

pouch clothing

There is a solution, and it’s fabulous!

A Pouch Clothing One Piece Jumpsuit will solve your problems in a heartbeat. When you get up to refill your cuppa you don’t have to remove your blanket because you’re dressed in it!

Pouch Jumpsuits are convenient and comfy; terrifically toasty and easy to move around in. I happen to be sitting in one right now and it isn’t restrictive but even better than that is it won’t slip off, I won’t get tangled in it and if I want to get up it will remain perfectly conformed to my movements.

This jumpsuit would be the perfect companion to winter sports, camping, festivals, anywhere you require warmth, comfort and convenience.

The “Pouch” one piece jumpsuit or “onesie”, began one chilly morning when a local Australian designer saw her nephew in a really cozy jumpsuit and thought “I want one!”…. and so, the “Pouch” was born.  It was time for adults to have one piece jumpsuits too!

The ‘Pouch’ is made using thick fleece that is soft and luxurious and designed to be a fun way for the whole family to stay warm. It is proving to be quite popular with people of both genders and all ages and I can see why.

All shapes and sizes have been taken into consideration with the final shape of the jumpsuit. It doesn’t matter if you are short, tall, male, female, child, adult, pregnant, skinny – you will find a jumpsuit that is comfy and cozy for you. It is a good idea to check out their sizing guide before you make any choices because these jumpsuits are larger than standard sizing!

pouch clothing

Comfort and convenience are not the only things these have to offer, the range of fashion colours mean that there is something for your taste. If you don’t take yourself too seriously and are comfortable letting your inner child break free then there is an amazing amount of fun to be had with your ‘Pouch’. I know I am seriously considering wearing mine out to the football next time we have a really cold day!

The number of places and uses for this ‘Pouch’ are endless, I keep thinking of new ones just sitting here. A couple of my favourites would be as a winter weekend dressing gown for those relaxing days you don’t want to get dressed but walking around in a dressing gown gets too breezy, or for a night time covering for those children who refuse to keep their blankets on.

Here are some of my faves from a list I checked out on the Pouch website:

* Turn off your phone and relax

* Lounging around on the weekend, watching TV, videos, curling up with a cupper, the paper or a great book….

* Eat as much chocolate as your Pouch will allow – or beer, or chips…mmmm

* Don’t let the kids have all the fun! Chase them around and let your inner child out!

* When you’ve had a really busy week at work or a big weekend, go home, jump into your Pouch and HIDE!!!!!

There are 8 casual colours available in the adult range at the moment, and 3 for kids. Having said that, there’s a new range due to hit the market at the end of June 2011.

Adult One Piece Jumpsuits are available for $69.95

Kids One Piece Jumpsuits are $39.95

For more information or to find out where to get yours please call (03) 9531 8290 or head over and visit them at: www.pouchclothing.com


5 thoughts on “Pouch Clothing – One Piece Jumpsuit

  1. Love my pouch! it is the best investment I’ve made this winter, very warm and comfortable, i’d be lost without it now Melbourne is so cold! Thanks Pouch!

  2. Getting kids dressed when camping is SOOOO much easier in the morning when all we have to do is put their pouch on.
    THANKS POUCH AUSTRALIA we love your gear!!

    Got any stickers?

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