Profile: Emma Hyatt (Psychoglam)

Accessorising can make or break an outfit and it’s always nice to have something unique, something a little bit different to what everyone else is wearing.

If that’s a philosophy you believe in then this is definitely a name to watch and a brand to get your hands on.

We asked Emma to take a little time out of her busy schedule and help us get a little insight into the creative processes behind the Psychoglam brand.

Emma Hyatt

Emma, the Psychoglam brand is all you, what do you find is the most rewarding aspect of the process?

I love the freedom I feel running my own business. I can be really creative at my own pace, I have control over all aspects of the brand and its great to not have to answer to a boss.

Which naturally leads me to ask, what do you find the most challenging?

Sometimes coming up with new designs can be a bit exhausting. I usually have to take time out for myself to clear my head, like go to the beach or away for a while and try to come up with whole new ranges. It’s fun but yes, challenging. Although it is very satisfying when I am happy with a complete collection and it is ready to launch.

The brand was created when you were only 19, has it been daunting trying to break into the industry?

I was very naive when I first started. I am a bit of a hippy and can float through life sometimes. I didn’t realise till later on how lucky I was really but wonderful contacts in the industry and great opportunities just sort of fell in my lap. When I put my first collection together, it sold out.

People and boutiques loved my designs. The first boutique I went to bought everything and wrote me a cheque on the spot. (I now realise that happening is a bit unusual.)


Can you tell us about the most memorable moment of the official launch at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in November 2005?

Fashion Week was so exciting. I met a lot of designers and buyers and got to launch my label. I saw some parades and we spent time in the VIP bar. The whole week was very memorable, and I was glad when it was over. I was so exhausted that I gave the after party a miss!

Where do you find your inspiration for a collection?

Everywhere really. Sometimes it can be a mood or a feeling I’m trying to recreate. Other times it can be that I have access to amazing vintage components or something one of my suppliers has in stock can spark a new line.

I love interior design books, vintage magazines, and visiting galleries. Sometimes even watching a movie can inspire a whole colour scheme (Marie Antoinette is one that comes to mind.)

The materials you use to create your pieces are quite different, what made you choose these items to make your jewellery from?

I like to try and be different from what’s out there, so that when my pieces come together they are unique and not like anything else. I have used feathers, bone, twigs, silk flowers, and heaps of different sorts of shells. I just like to experiment and to make beautiful things. My husband burst out laughing one day when I asked him if he wouldn’t mind drilling holes in 200 Moon Snail shells for me.

How would you describe yourself and the way that translates into your designs?

I would describe myself as a creative, confident woman who adores fashion and beauty.  Creativity is so important to me in all areas of my life.  I always prefer to be overdressed than under dressed.

Jewellery is fantastic in the way it can take a plain outfit to another level.  I like to think my designs are making people feel happy and special.


What’s next for Emma Hyatt and the Psychoglam brand?

Well for me I am going to re-decorate my studio which is always exciting, and for Psychoglam I am planning a new website and focusing on international boutiques that will carry my new collection.

Where can we find Psychoglam to check out the range and get some for ourselves?

I have an online store which you can purchase from, and there is a list of stockist on there.  I recently designed some custom Bridal pieces for La Luna Boutique in Sydney (which you can only buy in store.)

You have a Psychoglam Bridal selection, what can you tell us about that? And does it change with each season and collection?

Currently I do have one bridal collection, which you can buy from my website. I haven’t changed the designs as they have been really popular, however I am working on a new ‘Classic’s’ range to add to the bridal section, which will be launched soon.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Celebrating femininity and the wonderful opportunities that being a woman can open up.

What’s your favourite ever piece of jewellery?

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