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Miss Haidee Clothing is an Australian label that specialises in vintage and retro clothing for young girls, we thought we’d get a bit of inside information from Miss Haidee herself about the brand.

What made you decide to focus your talents into vintage styles?

I love the fabrics the quality of vintage embroidery which is all hand embroideries, it has a quality that is hard to get these days. The cottons are soft from many many washes, and of course some of my fabrics are very nostalgic.

Where did the inspiration come from to begin this brand?
I have always made something from the age of 8 to sell and it has usually been from what ever I can find or have, and I have an amazing collection of vintage retro 80’s fabrics. Having a glorious baby girl helped too.

miss haidee

Do you only cater from birth to twelve year old children? Is this line just for girls?

I do focus on girls as it’s so natural for me, I do have a small boys range of tomboy pants that can be worn as shorts or pants with drawstring and elastic back. These have been very very popular over the last 7 years.

What sets Miss Haidee’s Clothing apart from other brands?

My designs have a uniqueness and signature style that is recognizable as a Miss Haidee piece. Each piece is hand cut, magically put together all here in Australia which sets my brand apart.

What has been the most exciting moment in your career since starting Miss Haidee Clothing?

Oh I have been soo lucky, I have had a few. Having one of my dresses in Vogue Australia, one of my boys designs on the Front cover of little one magazine and selling so much to Laura Dern and Ben Harper I had to return to the studio for more stock to sell them (with unimpressed three year old and two year old in tow).

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Has there been a single stand out rewarding moment for you with the brand?

Having recognition as a product and label that’s recognized by so many.

The Miss Haidee designs are all made in Australia, do you source all of your materials here too?

Ohh yes I love finding fabrics, its part of the journey of the product – and yes here in Australia. I have friends and family always looking out for me, a friend just gave me a ‘dukes of hazzard ‘retro sheet, a great find.

A new range comes out every August to complement the signature range, what can we expect form this year’s new collection?

A little bit 70’s, a little bit little house on the prairie, some longer maxi dresses for summer, keeping it girly. Lots of rose fabrics.

What’s next for Miss Haidee’s Clothing?

Getting some of my own embroidery done here in Australia, a few more adult designs, a teen range…

Are there any plans to move into adult sizes and styles?

Yes I have converted  two of my designs  to adult sizes and I wear them, I love them, the vintage tunic is very popular with the younger adults.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being able to love, have a family, a career, a home and pets, makes me feel complete as a woman.

To see more about Miss Haidee Clothing and check out the range you can visit her at:

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