Review and Giveaway: Canterbury Sheepskin

There is nothing better on a cold winter morning than to slip into a pair of super comfy sheepskins. Actually, it’s not just cold winter mornings it’s also afternoons, evenings and at the end of a hard day.

Sheepskin boots should be a staple wardrobe item in every Australian home, especially across the bottom half. I always have a couple of pairs to keep me warm and cozy on those frosty mornings and icy nights. I honestly don’t think I’ll be needing any of my other pairs though, not since slipping my feet into a brand new pair of luxurious Canterbury Sheepskins.

I received my boots, courtesy of Canterbury Leather International Ltd, on Wednesday and it was love at first sight. The second they came out of the box they were unwrapped and on my feet… and that’s pretty much where they have stayed since.

Canterbury Sheepskins are made in New Zealand by Canterbury Leather International Ltd, a company established in 1974. They pride themselves on offering customers the ultimate in comfort, quality and design. Canterbury source premium hides to produce the highest quality hand crafted sheepskin boots and accessories.

Wool is a fibre unmatched in the world because of its unique ability to warm in winter and be cool in summer with the ability to absorb moisture without feeling wet.


Canterbury Sheepskins are made with specially reinforced heel supports and luxurious sheepskin insoles. They pride themselves on combining functionality with comfort which is what saw the development of the ‘The Sheepskin Wellingtons’; a PVC ankle boot with a lambskin insole and a sheepskin shaft offering nice dry feet when squelching in those early morning winter sports with the kids.

The boots that I am currently wearing, and in love with – destined to never be far from my feet – are the AVA, tall fashion boots boasting a genuine sheepskin upper with 15-17mm wool pile. There is an open top to allow folding down to create a wool collar which changes the look quite a lot for those who like to change up their footwear. The AVA also boasts a P.V.C side stitched NZ sole with feminine profile, suede leather heel guard, heat set and shaped heel support, heat keeper on inner sole of boot and a cushioned removable insole.

The AVA is available in sizes 3-9 and either Chestnut or Black.

There is a wide range of boots, slippers and other apparel, all of which can be viewed on the website at:

We have 1 x Pair of AVA Canterbury Sheepskin Boots  to giveaway to a lucky Beauty and Lace reader.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us why you would love to win a pair of Canterbury Sheepskin boots?

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112 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Canterbury Sheepskin

  1. Canterbury Sheepskin boots warm up my feet,
    They can feel the winter chill, they need a treat,
    My toes turn blue and feel numb,
    It’s not rocket science to the sum,

    What I really need,
    Is for Beauty and Lace to send them to me with speed!

  2. Would love to win a pair, to keep my feet warm on the cold tiles that we have, wouldn’t make getting up so hard if I had cosy slippers to wear

  3. I could really be happy this winter CANTER-ing around the house with my tootsies BURY-ied in a gorgeous pair of these sheepskin boots! 🙂

  4. My toes get bitterly cold at 4am feed, these sheepskin boots will definitely keep them snug and warm as i’m tending to my baby.

  5. Because as a wise person once said; “Sheepskin boots should be a staple wardrobe item in every Australian home, especially across the bottom half”. And, sadly, I’m missing my staple 🙁

  6. In Winter’s icy breeze
    My tootsies start to freeze
    Legs go numb below my knees
    I need Canterbury sheepskin… please!

  7. Would love to give to my mother who has terrible circulation and her feet are always cold. I usually give her a massage and to keep her warm these sheepskin boots would be perfect.

  8. To keep my feet warm and tasty during the winter when it gets freezing cold! THANK YOU SO SO SOOOOO VERY MUCH:D!!!!!!

  9. My kids tell me that to wear ugg boots out in public is embarrassing. What if I wore Canterbury Sheepskin boots? A bit more upper class don’t you think!

  10. Triple Joy: Me – toasty warm feet, My Daughter – no whining from me about my cold feet, Facebook – I stop posting about my cold feet. We all win! 🙂

  11. at the present moment my budget does not allow me to buy such a luxurious pair of boots so I guess I ill have to win a pair thankyou

  12. I would love to win a pair please. We have no heating in our house as my husband reckons its “character building”!

  13. i cold tootsies would be greatfull for a pair of Canterbury Sheepskin boots i suffer from very cold feet during winter mostly the tops of my toes

  14. Because and I have to walk to and from the kids’ school 4X/day and my old trainers with my big toe poking out the hole at the end is not impressing anyone, least of all my kids.

  15. Canterbury Sheepskin look cute,
    a stylish wear anywhere boot,
    I’d love to be warm looking so cool,
    please help me with the right tools.

  16. Canterbury Sheepskin boots are a treat
    The ultimate comfort for my feet
    With reinforced heels and sheepskin insoles
    Warm, cozy and stylish …I am SOLD!

  17. The wonderful slippers I bought in Wales, UK, over 8 years ago finally died. It’s a LONG way to go to Wales to replace them, not to say anything of the expense!! A pair of Canterbury Sheepskin would be the very best replacement I can think of.

  18. Having bought synthetics, you just know after wearing them, they are not doing your feet any favours. Feet perspire to the point of feeling wet and, we all know that leads to stinky foot odour and skin problems. Canterbury sheepskins have a great natural product to keep feet in good health.

  19. My mum always said you can’t have your cake and eat it too. I disagree with her. It is possible to enjoy both worlds of style and comfort. That is why I want to wear Canterbury!

  20. Canterbury Sheepskin boots would be a god send for my feet, not only are they stylish and adorable to look at but are warm and loving on the inside.

  21. If my feet could speak
    What a tale they’d tell
    The paths they have taken
    Adventures that befell
    But there’s one last story
    Beside all others pale
    A journey’s end warm comfort
    The Canterbury Tale

  22. Beauty is pain is the old catch-cry and it is true that most things that are good for you and comfy, aren’t the most stylish things on earth! These delicious Canterbury sheepskin boots tick the comfy and the stylish boxes. As an older mum, I appreciate my creature comforts, especially on early frosty Saturday mornings in winter which is of course, hockey season. I want my tootsies to be toasty without completely sacrificing any sense of style. When I read the review about the sole also keeping your feet dry, one thought went through my mind……get me some of these…..please!

  23. They’re awesome, that’s why!! Not only will I look amazing in a pair, but my tootsies will be as warm as toast 🙂

  24. During the colder months I have always cold feet; which makes it really uncomfortable; you never get really warm. These boots look amazing and I am sure they also ARE amazing in keeping me cosy warm.

  25. My poor tootsies are always cold and need something to warm them up. I’ve never owned Ugg boots, so these would be a huge treat for me!

  26. I would love to be able to feel my toes again, not have them numb like they have been for the past 2 months!

  27. I really need these as my old Uggies are now just the skin and no lining…the poor things are 8 years old, have lived through 2 puppies and 2 lots of Bundaberg Floods. Desperatley need!!!

  28. I haven’t bought a new pair of slippers for myself for about 20 years – mine are getting a bit sad but I’m hesitant to throw them out as they’ve travelled the world withme! However, a new pair of warm and stylish AVA Canterbury Sheepskin Boots could convince me…;)

  29. ive just run through puddles my boots are leaking my feet are freezing and i see this competition. heater not working fast enough so i warmed my toes up with my hair dryer…looked silly but it worked… your boots would be easier and no waste of

  30. It’s frosty here in Tassie,
    I’ve chilblains on my toes,
    I’d love a pair of Avas
    to cure my poor toe woes!

    Hubby even likes them,
    He’s got Kiwi roots you see,
    I hinted for my birthday,
    but no Canterbury for me.

    With months more of cold weather,
    here in the Southern state,
    A cosy pair of Avas would
    would seal my chilblains fate!

  31. Grey skies, blowing winds, rain comes down,
    Look at my unhappy face, what a frown,
    Feet cold as ice, chilled to the bone,
    All I can do is sit and moan,
    The older I get, the more I feel cold,
    If you move you’ll feel better, so I’m told,
    Please Canterbury help me, my feet need to defrost,
    Pick me to win, so I can be warm as toast.

  32. Now that I am getting older I seem to feel the cold more. If my feet are cold I am cold. If my feet are warm I am warm.
    Black Size 9 please…:)

  33. It’s 4 degrees in my bedroom. Yep, I’m feeling winter. The cheap uggs I bought have already worn through.Canterbury Sheepskin would keep me warm this winter and the next.

  34. I’m sharing my own sad Canterbury Tale with you,
    In the hope you’ll know just what to do(!)
    When my arthritic toes feel cold my whole body shivers,
    I NEED the comfort Canterbury Sheepskins delivers!
    Bad enough that all day my nose is an ice-block,
    (Not the right shape to wear a sock…!)
    I NEED cuddles for my tootsies on a cold winter night,
    Reading The Canterbury Tales by firelight…

  35. Canterbury Kimberley boots in chocolate for my feet,
    now that would be a real winter treat my little cold feet,
    keeping them nice and toasty instead of cold and frosty!.

  36. Every pair of my slippers get commandeered by my children . They seem to love clobbering around looking like a circus clown with massive feet. Or it’s the dogs!. When I go outside, take off my slippers to put on outdoor shoes, and If I don’t pay attention, the dogs have grabbed my slippers, run off with them usually with me racing after them with a few choice words, and tear them to shreds in moments.

    Both with a lovely collection of used slippers, I am desperate for my own pair of lovely soft, comfortable, massaging, ‘hands off their mine’ slippers.

  37. I don’t have heating in my home, and my feet are so cold, even with socks, that I haven’t any feeling in them, and then they get cramp. These wonderful slippers would make my feet feel like they’d gone to heaven!

  38. I live at the base of Mount Macendon and its a very very cold place. I go through that many types of shoes and boots, but for me these are something that sounds like they would serve me well. I hate going out and getting wet damp feet. I could wear these all the time and i would find that great. Not having to change my shoes every time i go outside. And i know that these would serve a great purpose, and also look fabulous at the same time.

  39. Love the zippered fleece and stylish turn down collar….and teamed with my sheep print flannette PJ’s…I’ll be leap-frogging designer sheep in my sleep! Thanks for the chance Canterbury!

  40. I live in Tasmania. It is very freezing here.

    My feet barely have any circulation and are often ice cold! I adore slippers and socks. But a pair of canterbury sheepskin slippers would give my feet the ultimate treat!


  41. I have developed chillblains, which make my feet very sore, Canterbury Uggs would warm my feet, chasing the problem away

  42. My husband suffers from arthritis, so the cold really effects him. I would love to give him the Canterbury Uggs to keep his feet warm. I’ve heard if you keep your feet warm, it really helps with the warmth of your body. That would be really beneficial for him.

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